I look forward to stopping ALL job seekers from being job seekers by helping them find JOBS!

So, this is a brief note to let you know that Job Seekers is now on Twitter. If you are a job seeker join us and share the link to your resume!

As a reminder: "Job Seekers who link together have more power than job seekers who seek jobs, alone. By working WITH a NETWORK of other Job Seekers, your connections help lift you up...

  1. Join us on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/JobSeekers
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+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

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Good Morning Vincent,

I am seeking employment in Criminal Justice in or near Raleigh, NC. Armed with a Paralegal Certificate, I graduated in June with my MS Human Services, Criminal Justice. Time is of the essence.

Peace and love,
If time is of the essence, could you do something in the Charlotte, NC area? If so, I may have someone who may be able to get things rolling just a bit. CAN'T GUARANTEE but, I can make an introduction....

Keep STRONG, Loretta!

I'm a great distance from Charlotte. It's at the other end of the state. Raleigh is near the middle of the state. I thank you, nonetheless.

Don't give up hope yet, Loretta. It just may take a bit longer. Don't go anywhere over the next few days. Keep CLOSE! Vincent
Good Afternoon Vincent,

With the exception of driving to and from Durham each weekend, I'll be home.

Also, a friend of mine is hosting: Statewide Re-entry Summit and Conversation Building and Connecting Re-entry Partnerships across NC...connecting ex-offenders and their families to resources that provide opportunities for positive change. He's asked me to attend, but my function is yet to be determined. We shall see...

I've not worked out how to post my CV on Brandergy.

I am based in Edinburgh Scotland and looking for Freelance IT contracts in Mainland Europe OR permanent roles in Edinburgh.

I have 15+ years  software development experience in Java and experience of Python, Linux and other unixes, plus I am a mathematicial and theoretical physicist  and am looking to move into management, though development will be a worthwhile interim step. 

http://brandergy.com/profiles/blog/newHi, Alex: Perhaps you and I can


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