The world is abundant with light and with lots of good, good things for us to enjoy throughout a long, long life.
At the same time, the world also has countless things which can harm, debilitate, and even kill us and everyone whom we love.
Thus, the mission of intelligent life is to get from good thing to good thing and to minimize going from bad thing to bad thing which could destroy us.
For enlightened people who can always see clearly, this is not a problem (according to them).
For the rest of us, we need strong guidance and/or piloting.
For some, education, mentoring, coaching, and therapy help guide them to greater clarity and to greater safety and precision of travel through this endlessly captivating world.
For me, the best guidance I've ever received has been from prayer ... and, thus, in indulging in intimate prayer, acknowledging and accepting God as my pilot ... of choice.
No teacher who's ever dared try to teach me could compete with what prayer teaches me.
Thus, for some of us, Prayer Is Like Our Therapy (PILOT)
At 4:11 PM, 1.22.2016 upon seeing a gentleman walking towards a Pilot vehicle

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