On Thursday, February 11, 2016, I was formally informed that my pitiable-looking graphics designs were ... how shall we say it? ... UGLY!

Mind you, this was said by one of my all-time FAVORITE persons on Earth: the otherwise wonderful, TAMIE MYERS!

Who'd think that such a beautiful young lady could bust up an old man SO BADLY?!?!?! lol :-) 

But, alas, my friend Tamie is CORRECT!

And I kinda HEAVILY "suspected" it long before she so bravely brought it to my attention! 

But, I love words!

I HAVE to SHARE words!

And, I'm comfortable with driving the heck out of English words!

I love graphics, too!

But, I have no more business rendering graphics than I have preparing a meal for other than survival purposes! :-) 

The above being said, let me show you a striking example of how Tamie Myers, my graphic design SUPERIOR, so rightly demonstrated why I should be shy about My Ugly Designs.

My original design is the pitiable looking #1.

Tamie Myers', SHOWOFF DESIGN is the "kinda better-looking" design #2!





Did *I* win?

Or do I have to do a major, major, MAJOR, major crowdfunding to pay Tamie Myers to artfully render some of my 100,000 acronyms and countless thousands of micro-essays? :-)

How say YOU?

FYI: Here are a few more of my words which Tamie graphically re-rendered for consideration:

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I'm one to strive to look at the message and ignore the delivery. I look at who shared the info in order to determine its worth. but I'm told I'm unique in that way. That said, I adore her work. Way to go Tamie!

I agree with you on both sides you present, Melissa: I look more at content than design but, I love the way Tamie rendered the messages to look more palatable... it's the difference between eating beans out  of a can and a four-course meal! :-)


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