Are they mismateched ?

Can fear be a great attribute in an organisational goal achievement ?

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Fear is ENERGY so, I think it can be a positive attribute in goal achievement.  If I may, I'd like to share with you a post I'm just about to add to the site entitled: "What Race Car Driver Hasn't Wrecked A Car?"


No one knows more about getting a car from Point A to Point B than a
race car driver.

No one drives cars faster, more precisely than race car drivers.

Putting their lives at risk every time they step into the car to go to
work, they must PRECISELY KNOW their car, their tracks(s), and all the
idiosyncrasies of the track(s).

Yet, show me the race car driven who hasn't wrecked a car at least
once, please...

Race car drivers aren't ASHAMED that they've wrecked one or two or
three vehicles. It's part of the equation of their work lives. (We
even know of jet pilots who've wrecked...and yet, have gone on to
great success..)


What about you and me?

Sometimes we bust our heads on that pavement called "Life"?

Why should we be permanently ashamed if we've wrecked a business or
messed up a relationship? It's not our intention to wreck all
businesses and all relationships? Let no one fool you into thinking
that life is always going to be some nice, neat little, easily
mastered jaunt - with no spillages, with no need for ever having to

If we didn't take the risk of trying to drive a business WITH SPEED -
the business would NEVER go anywhere.

Likewise with personal and business relationships...many forget that
in addition to the great necessity of patience, relationships do
demand a modicum of speed, too...

It is our business to try to get our businesses TO GO SOMEWHERE - WITH SPEED.

Speed necessitates risk.

Let's not be permanently ashamed, permanently fearful that we made the
biggest conceivable wreck of the vehicle we were trying to rapidly

Nor does the race car driver eventually taste the sweet taste of
victory by continually going back counting up all the little pieces of
the wrecked vehicle left back on yesterday's race track. Leave it to
those who choose to analyze broken stuff on Life's race tracks.

Your business is the business of building business and driving it to
that end point called "Victory".

So, let's incorporate all we've learned into to the next race we
INTEND to enter - and LET'S GO!!!!! LET'S GO FORWARD!!! Because
FORWARD is our business!!! Our ONLY business is FORWARD...

Dear Vincent,


Thanks to your valued feedback.

But how can we handle and overcome the fear alongthwith the intrapreneurship.

If I may, Diana, 

I believe your last name "Raj" is connected to the wonderful Sanskrit word "raja", aka "kingly" as in Patanjali's "Raja Yoga"???


In Raja Yoga, aka "Ashtanga Yoga" (Eight Limbed Yoga), Patanjali talks about two key things:

1. Abhyasa and 

2. Vairagya


Or 1.) Practice and 2.) Non-attachment (letting go)


I believe Patanjali is 100% in this.


Some to the specific things which he talks about as means of practice and letting go are: Japa (repetition) and Mantra (mind protection)


I hope this helps.

(More than this I'll have to charge you money for! :-))


Keep STRONG, Diana!!

+Vincent Wright 



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