If You Have Family Members With Developmental Disorders

You will find information in this article which will be very important for you and for any family members you have with these disorders. What could be so important?

First, the 'official' information about Developmental Disorders is misleading and harmful for those with these disorders.

Second, this article provides a pathway where children with these disorders can get back on track and catch up with peers.


What Are Developmental Disorders?

Developmental Disorders is a diagnostic category for mental disorders which includes Autism, Asperger's, PDD-NOS, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Failure To Thrive-NOS, Auditory Processing Disorder, Learning Disorder, and others.

Too Many Children Have Developmental Disorders

Something is wrong. Too many children have these disorders. As best I can figure, about 15% of children in the USA have a diagnosis for one of these disorders. Studies show that about 50% of children with these disorders actually go and get a diagnosis. So, even those 15% seems to be a very large percentage, the truth is much worse.

There Is No Cure

This is something else that is wrong. All of these diagnostic categories are defined as having no cure. The 'official' book (the DSM or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) which defines the diagnostic criteria for all mental disorders defines that each of these disorders has no cure.

Professionals who follow the DSM do not think that these children will recover. Their beliefs and attitude become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because they think that there can not be a cure for these children, they cannot see a cure when it is happening.

Are There Cures For Developmental Disorders?

The word, "cure" is owned legally and professionally by those who do not believe it is possible for these children. Those who recover these children (who get these children back on track) cannot use that word and have to use other descriptions.

Children With These Diagnoses Can Be Recovered?

Yes, there are many different approaches, which recover these children and move them to lose their symptoms and catch up with peers. Those who are stuck following the DSM will never tell you about these options.

Attend A Web Summit Of Professionals Who Recover These Children

There is an upcoming Web Summit, Renegade Solutions For Developmental Disorders, which is a gathering of professionals who have a successful history of getting these children back on track. The Web Summit is free, so sign up now and learn what these practitioners do to recover these children.

There is so much wrong about Developmental Disorders. Learn about something that is right for these children.

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Thank you for sharing this valuable information Vincent.I have registered for the summit and shared.

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