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ELATIONSHIP: A Fatherly Reflection

My father died so long ago that, in some respects, my relationship with him seems almost "fictional".

And, true, because my father died on the 3rd anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination on 11.22.1966, his death, too, could seem almost as a piece of "history" ... capable of being fictionalized by those who adored him.

But, years ago, I reasoned that the parent|child relationship is not limited to just a few decades but, rather, is an eternal matter.

Indeed, though it was 50 years ago, today, the pain of hearing about his death on that odd, odd, odd, odd Tuesday morning as I was getting dressed to leave to go to my high school class is as freshly alive in me as if it'd just happened a few weeks ago.

As odd as it may be for you to process intellectually, though the information that morning was disorienting, angering, and painful, the pain the teen-aged Vincent Wright experienced on that super-odd morning, is HELPFUL to the middle aged Vincent Wright in REMEMBERING and STILL APPRECIATING the eternally seminal relationship experienced in that father|son relationship with my father... (paternal relationships cannot be experienced and easily forgotten ...)

Our time was a short time together ... but ... I say it was an unending time together ... (for strong relationships, decades are not good erasers...)

And so, for that reason, it's always good to take 10 to 15 minutes every October 15th, every November 22nd, and every Fathers' Day to intentionally remember my unforgettable father...

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