Career Coach and Job Seeker's Guide


With over 17 years at the coal-face, I help you define that job you'd love to do... and then walk with you through the various steps to get it.


I can help you:

  1. Find those hidden vacancies - that's at least 70% of them
  2. Write a hiring-manager-attractive CV and cover letter
  3. Create a magnetic LinkedIn profile, so those jobs find you
  4. Polish and perfect your interview performance - no matter how you feel about interviews right now
  5. Create and deliver a memorable-for-the-right-reasons presentation
  6. Negotiate the right package for you


If you would rather be somewhere other than your current job let's talk.


I've been a recruiter and worked as the first point of contact for many hiring managers, conducting first interviews and helping them hire the right people, rather than skillsets.


I know exactly what it takes to get their attention and most importantly, to get that job. Even more critically, I know that sometimes needs and desires change and the first step of the journey is to change the job you are looking for.


If you've moved every couple of years (or even more frequently) over your recent past and you're still not in the right company... the chances are you're actually a square peg in a round hole and you need a step change, rather than a straight swap.


According to my LinkedIn Endorsements, my specialities are:

  1. Recruiting
  2. Career Counselling
  3. Resume Writing
  4. Interviews
  5. Career Development
  6. Job Coaching
  7. Interview Preparation
  8. Technical Recruitment (Business Resilience - Business Risk, Information Security, Business Continuity and Compliance)
  9. Coaching
  10. Cover Letters


Author of 'Get That Interview' and 'Clickst@rt Your Career'. Both available on Amazon.

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In particular, I may be pointing some people to you for this bullet point, in particular: "Negotiate the right package for you"

From my experience in working with thousands of professionals, not enough have enough expertise and comfort in that area...

Thank you Vincent :-)

Yes, very few people are trained to negotiate - let alone in a personal situation like their own remuneration package.


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