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At 9:10am on September 3, 2010, Fred Beisser said…
Many thanks, Vincent. These birthdays just seem to keep coming sooner and sooner.....or are the years getting discounted so a number lower than 365?

Best to you and everyone on MLPF/Ning.



At 9:53am on August 29, 2010, Darin Schneider said…
Thank you for the birthday wishes :)
At 4:07pm on August 28, 2010, Yvette Dubel said…
Hi Vincent,

Just wanted to Thank you for featuring a few of my blog posts! Very kind :)

Be well,
At 7:07pm on August 27, 2010, Michelle Cruz-Rosado said…
Hi Vincent! Thank you for your birthday wishes! :-)
At 11:10am on August 17, 2010, Amadou M. Sall said…
Many thanks, Vincent :-)
At 10:42pm on August 13, 2010, Lisa Simpkins said…
Hi Vincent,
Thank you for featuring my blog.

Much Appreciated!
At 9:44pm on August 13, 2010, Eric D. Brown said…
Thans Vincent...much appreciate the welcome!
At 6:17pm on August 10, 2010, Brooke S. Musterman said…
oops ;) thanks, vincent! that is the right one. i changed it....b
At 6:19am on August 10, 2010, Fiona McCallion said…
Thanks, Vincent!
At 7:48am on August 6, 2010, MedTech_CC said…

Thanks for the Birthday well wishes. You make my day!

At 11:29am on July 27, 2010, Patrick King said…
Thank you, Vince!!!
At 8:42pm on July 26, 2010, Margie Benson said…
Hey, Vince,

Thanks for the birthday wish. Sorry I'm so late in getting back to you---been extremely busy and don't check e-mail much, unfortunately. Hope all is well with you and the family. Tell them I said hello and hope to see you all sometime in the very near future. I think it's time for a family reunion, don't you?

Love to all,
Margie B.
At 1:31pm on July 16, 2010, Tinu Abayomi-Paul said…
I will do that. I appreciate the personal invite and clarification. Thank you so much for taking the time. :)
At 3:30pm on July 15, 2010, Theresa said…
Thank you for your comment, Vincent, and for the focus. I am working on expanding myself online.

The Robert Lansing movie you mentioned is "The 4D Man," by the way. It has been out on video for a while, and I think is also on DVD.

At 9:50am on July 12, 2010, Kathy Toth said…
I found you through various social media outlets - yes you are EVERYWHERE
At 11:40pm on June 24, 2010, Francina R. Harrison, MSW (TCE) said…
Hi vincent, thank you for the approval, will learn my way around here....We have three days remaining for the Oprah vote, hopefully I can share this on the site....
At 7:32am on June 22, 2010, Spud said…
G'Day Vincent!

Hey how ya bloody going mate & thanks for the B'Day wish I really appreciate it.

Cheers & catch ya later Vincent.

Mark Russell 'Spud'
At 9:09am on June 16, 2010, Valerie Lothian said…
Hi there Vincent,

It's a pleasure!

I would welcome a chat with you.
Would be great to hear each other.

Not sure what your schedule is like for this week?

I'll send you a "Hello" in skype.

Thank you,



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