I have GREAT and POSITIVE news to share with you!

You can take 5 bucks (the same cost of a foot-long, as seen on TV), and place a one-time investment into the The Bold Approach, Suceess Systems for Life and end up with a lifetime residual income.

I know it sounds CRAZY, but check it out yourself!

STEP 1.) is to join up and pay your $5.00 (One-Time Payment) and get 3 friends to do the same!

The Bold Approach

Level 1) 3 Team Members x $1 = $3

Level 2) 9 Team Members x $1 = $9

Level 3) 27 Team Members x $1 = $27

Level 4) 81 Team Members x $1 = $81

Level 5) 243 Team Members x $1 = $243

Totals = $363

Once your 3x5 matrix is complete, you get PAID!!! Your payment portion is $363 at the completion of your 5th Level. Keep in mind that your one-time investment/purchase (your buying an e-book), is just $5.00 + $1.00 service fee. You will receive a payment at the time you have more than 30 people in your matrix. In the above example, your first net commission will be approximately $347.00. Keep in mind that YOU only paid your one-time $5.00 payment to get the ball rolling for you.

If you decide to step it up and get 4 people and everyone on your team gets 4, you earn $1,364 monthly commissions.

If you decide to step it up and get 5 people and everyone on your team gets 5, you earn $3,905 monthly commissions.

If you decide to step it up and get 6 people and everyone on your team gets 6, you earn $9,330 monthly commissions.

If you decide to step it up and get 10 people and everyone on your team gets 10, you earn $111,110 monthly commissions.

Step 2.) Get on "The Bold Approach (tba) schedule for our DAILY conference calls held consistently 7 days & nights per week: Monday through Sunday 12:00 Noon EST, 1:00 pm EST. and (every night) starting at 8:00 pm EST, 9:00 pm EST, 10:00 pm EST and 11:00 pm EST. (Please adjust the times per your own time zone.) Please bring your guest on the calls.

(712) 432-1630, PIN = 408736#

There's also a 24 hr/7 day per week pre-recorded message:

(712) 432-1283, PIN = 408736#

Step 3.) Get started today! Go to my website now!


Step 4.) Look for the "JOIN" tab at the top and complete you application. That's it! You will now instantly be given your own replicated website in which to market your business. Once you get it set up, your set for LIFE. God bless you!!! Please contact me with your questions or comments. I highly recommend this program to all.

Step 5.) Let's make our efforts become VIRAL by simply taking this exact same letter (after you join up) an BLAST IT OUT to all of your email contacts. Be sure to replace my replicated website noted above, with your own replicated site URL, before you email to your friends (you will receive your own replicated site immediately after you join online).

Please Note: The Bold Approach is a 41 year old company and is listed with the BBB. You may check on us by contacting the BBB, Birmingham AL, #2056611952. Mr. Fred Fitts is the Founder and CEO. Dr. Otis Barnett, PhD., is the Sr. VP. and is the host of most of our conference calls. Dr. Barnett is a retired professor of ECONOMICS for 27 years and is the mastermind who came up with our successful formula. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Have a wonderful day,

Jodee Talley

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