25th CMB Will Take place from May 11 to May 13, 2018, in Haidián's District of Pekin

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More countries see China as the world's top economic power and have favorable view toward China in 2017, according to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center.

Although the U.S. still remains the leading economic power, the gap with China is narrowing, the survey found.

According to the survey, in 24 of the 38 countries surveyed, most see the U.S. as the global economic leader, while 12 countries named China as the world's top economy, double the number of nations who saw China in the economic lead between 2014 and 2016.

In Western Europe, people tend to list China, instead of U.S., as the global economic leader. Australia, Canada and Russia also tend to hold the same view.

Although U.S. remained as the economic leader, the view has become less strong as in previous years, the survey found.


Bruxelles's itinerant Concours Mondial chose Haidián's district (Pekin) as host of the next competition in 2018.

China will turn into the world capital of the wine into 2018. Bruxelles's Concours Mondial of Brussels (CMB) has been chosen to be the host for his 25th event in Haidián's district, Pekin. For the first time in his history more than two decades, the itinerant contest host has selected a country out of Europe.

The election promised to be last day of the competition of 2017, when the mayor of Valladolid, Oscar Puente, passed solemnly the glass of wine of the CMB to Mingjie Chen, the lieutenant of mayor of Haidián's district of Pekin. On the occasion of such an occasion, the new hosts prepared a cocktail of Chinese typical spirits, Baiju and liquors, and a show with Chinese wines.

« China is clearly the place where the sector of the wine is developing more in terms of production and consumption », commented Baudouin Havaux, The Director of the CMB. China has turned on the major market for some of the principal wine producing countries of the world.

Producers' Associations are establishing companies, opening field units and constructing commercial networks. The indexes of growth are major that on any other market. With 847.000 hectares of vineyards, China is now the second major area of vineyards with Spain to the head and France thirdly.

“As leading competition of wines, always we bear the trends of the market in mind. Observing the dynamic development of the Chinese market, we have decided that it was time to centre us on this principal actor”, Baudouin Havaux concluded.

The lieutenant of mayor of Haidián's district of Pekin, Mingjie Chen, has rested to the Contest since the conversations began on China like possible host began. The organizers notice that it will be the major trying of wines and the first time that an International competition of wines of such importance takes place in Asia. Travelling to Asia, the CMB are offering an opportunity to explore the most dynamic wine market of the world, but also it opens his doors for a new wine cultural scene.

In 2017, the Chinese inscriptions on the CMB experimented a growth of 112,5 % in comparison with 2016, and almost 250 % from 2015. In agreement with the International Organization of the Wine and the Vineyard (OIV), the surface of vineyards in China continues increasing (17.000 more hectares between 2015 and 2016, turning her into the principal zone of culture of vineyards of the world " China is 5th country of the world in consumption of wine (preceded by the USA, France, Italy and Germany), 5th importer of wine in terms of volume, and 4th in terms of value (near to Germany). The internal demand in China is " the major factor contributing to the growth of the business ".

25 ° CMB Will Take place from May 11 to May 13, 2018, in Haidián's district of Pekin.

Global publics also tend to express positive views about China. A median of 47 percent across the 38 countries surveyed have a favorable opinion of China, while 37 percent have an unfavorable view, the survey found.

China received the most positive ratings in sub-Saharan Africa. In some countries, such as Britain, Australia and Russia, the younger generation is more favorable toward China than their elders, said Pew.

The survey was conducted among over 40,000 respondents in 38 countries, including U.S. Canada, UK, France, and India, from February to May in 2017.

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