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The Top Qualities of Business Coach

It may be mind-boggling and frustrating to need to consider the same problems, although not finds a solution that actually works. If you've been trying to increase your business or have been trying to get over an issue, looking at hiring a business coach can be a fantastic way to move ahead. But what exactly is really a business development consultant? A business coach is seen as a mentor or even a guide. S/he will help you overcome issues that you are…


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Videos: Business Applications of LAB Profile

You might be wondering what is LAB Profile?

The Language And Behavior Profile is a method for knowing what makes a person 'tick' based on how they talk.

Now, this is not like those profilers from the FBI. This is not about psychology and does not require advanced degrees. It is a practical method for finding the hidden meanings in what people say.

These hidden meanings let you accurately predict what a person will do in given situations. Watch…


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Larson & Associates Receives 2017 Best of Palatine Award

Press Release



Larson & Associates Receives 2017 Best of Palatine Award


Palatine Award Program Honors the Achievement

PALATINE March 28, 2017 -- Larson & Assoc has been selected for the 2017 Best of Palatine Award in the Merchandising & Marketing Consultants category by the Palatine…


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Invisible Messengers (or A Medicine Called Forgiveness)

The two year long battle between my oldest brother and me ended just in time for us to spend the last six months of his life as friends - and in time for me to learn a rather startling lesson from him.

I suppose siblings need to fight among themselves in order to gain strength and adequate skills to survive in the external world, much as bear cubs need to fight among themselves to prepare them for their world.

But I'm happy that my brother and I got…


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Information Chunk Size

If you want more information about these ideas Click Here.

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Can Profiling Help You Business?

Profiling has a bad name.

I started officially profiling in 1980, in a project with Southwest Airlines.

The Chairman at SWA wanted his airline to be the lowest complaint-ratio airline in the USA. They had been improving their recruiting and training focusing on reducing customer complaints.…


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If You're #108 & Everyone Else is #180.

There are 360 degrees in a circle. If YOU are oriented towards degree #108 and everyone else is oriented toward #180, they can think you're crazy even while you're true to your orientation.


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TLS Continuum Part 80: Don't Ask. Don't Tell

This blog post does not refer to the former government policy regarding sexual orientation in the military. Rather this refers to a vital part of the TLS Continuum and the voice of the customer. We can’t improve our processes without the input from our customers. However it does no good for you to ask the customer what keeps them up at night if you are not going to follow through on resolving those concerns.

Let me give you an example.  We recently had a problem with our 43inch TV and…


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Gain the edge in the conversation and help your clients get what they want.

If you knew the hidden meanings in what people say, you could have an edge in every conversation.

You would be able to predict and influence their behavior.

You would be able to recognize the…


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Learn to identify the hidden meanings in what people say.

What people say and how they say it are guidebooks into their thinking processes and their behavior. These guidebooks also give us information so we that can predict and influence their behavior.

I have created a series of short videos which introduce you to some of the guideposts in those guidebooks.

Here is the…


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A Fighting Spirit (or Where's The Quality Care In Rushing The Dying Into Eternity?)

The social worker said to me "It would be nice if she could just let go."

She said this - with the best of intentions - in reference to my mother who has been struggling with multiple myeloma since being diagnosed with it eight years ago.

Ordinarily this statement would not have caught my attention except that I had recently cautioned a friend about her penchant to rush through traffic.

We rush, we rush, we rush! We…


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Straight Talk for Parents LIVE today at 6pm EST

Click the link below to tune in to the following interview:



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Radio Interview on 108 Praise Radio

I will be live on 108 Praise Radio, a radio station which is “voicing the gospel” with a multicultural genre of Christian music, news and entertainment creating a living word fellowship on the world-wide-web.

Join me by clicking on the link above and selecting the "Tunein" button at the top. Alternatively, you may dial in to listen in!…


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Remembering Bill Phillips: A once in a lifetime friend...

Please allow me to write a brief personal note about one of the very best human beings I've ever known - my friend of the past 25 years, Bill Phillips.

Candidly, I'm speechless at finding out today that I'd lost my friend but, he was a member of My Linking Power Forum and his profile is located here: …


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Conversations with Investors – Chapter Three

Dr. Earl R. Smith II

Managing Partner, Growthers


Jack Biddle, Co-Founder and General partner, Novak Biddle Venture Partners

In this series of articles, I describe interviews with investors in the Washington DC area. They range from angel investors to managing partners in well established funds. I have…


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U.S. Is World's Biggest Source Of Spam (Those annoying emails are coming from right here)

While many, many, MANY people still blame Nigeria for scams and spam, isolating Nigeria as the main source of spam is trying to solve spam based only upon reputation and not on fact.  Take a look at this post for Consumer Affairs:



It shows that the USA is the biggest source of spam...



Spam originates where there are the most…


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And Suppose An Optimist Had A Catastrophic Failure? What Then?

It took inordinate optimism to build each of NASA's Space Shuttles.

It took science, planning, thought, and tons and tons of money. (It would have taken even more money had there been less optimism... think about it...)

Yet, we know all too well that in spite of all that boundless optimism, world-class scientific knowledge in abundance, decades of precise, organized planning, supreme team work, and in-depth thought of the deepest possible kind, there are catastrophes in…


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"Jette Black and Her Seven Friends"

A multi-ethnic, inspiring fairy tale about a little black/African American girl who is teased and taunted. See what happens to make her brave!!

This book will sit proudly on the shelf with your children's other fairy tales, such as "Cinderella," "Jack and the…


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Author of the month!

In honor of the below announcement, the price for the book has been reduced to $7.99 whether you purchase the eBook or paperback. #AIB

Buy now: Http://amzn.to/2mwZtWa…


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