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Remembering Bill Phillips: A once in a lifetime friend...

Please allow me to write a brief personal note about one of the very best human beings I've ever known - my friend of the past 25 years, Bill Phillips.

Candidly, I'm speechless at finding out today that I'd lost my friend but, he was a member of My Linking Power Forum and his profile is located here: …


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Let the Show Begin... The stage is set, the lights drawn low, the atmosphere heavy with anticipation, a hush falls across the crowd as the audience waits with baited breath, poised for the magic to…

Let the Show Begin...

The stage is set, the lights drawn low, the atmosphere heavy with anticipation, a hush falls across the crowd as the audience waits with baited breath, poised for the magic to happen…

18 Proven Marketing Strategies

Let the Show Begin...

The stage is set, the lights drawn…


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TLS Continuum Part 88: I am a human capital asset manager, but who am I managing?

I began as the personnel administrator. I was the organizational fireman. But times have changed and now I am the gatekeeper to the organizational talents, attributes and skills. With that responsibility comes the need for me to assist the organization with the retention of current human capital but also to plan for the future talent needs of the organization.

It is from that perspective that I ask the question who am I managing? For the most part we are…


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Channeling The Power Multi-Channel Marketing

The key to a successful multi-channel marketing plan is integration; a common challenge that most marketers face. If your organization has established a digital marketing plan, for example, it should not be used in isolation, but instead used throughout all channels in your marketing plan process. Your multi-channel marketing plan should set out campaigns that span multiple channels, catering to the customer and tailoring them to fit multiple channels.

Multi-channel marketing is…


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People can talk you out of your marriage.

People can talk you out of your belief(s).

People can talk you out  of your job, your career.

People can talk you out of your money.

People can even talk you out of your life!

Let them talk all they want!!!



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Mind -up Florida Premiere Film The Duel Of WIne and food and wine tasting evening in Florida

The famous Sommelier Charlie Arturaola fell from grace after a momentary loss of his taste during the shooting of a movie. The image of "a Sommelier without palate" destroyed his career. After a few years, Charlie becomes a taxi driver The Duel of Wine, but…


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The Rum Prestigious International Competition in Paris

Le Grand Concours International de Rhum au Monde


Le plus grand salon du Rhum d’Europe ouvre ses portes le week-end du samedi 7 au dimanche 8 avril 2018. 

Journée réservée aux professionnels le lundi 9 avril 2018.

Réservez votre billet dès…


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Value > Price

Value > Price


Every once and awhile, I get a request that looks something like this, “I need a brochure. Please tell me how much that would cost me.”…


Added by Nora D. Richardson on February 25, 2013 at 2:24pm — 2 Comments



Free Offerings From Brandergy And Its Members

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Tracking what's trending...

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You Have To Help Us Find Your Need...

One of the oddest things about the beautiful human mind is that it can trick us out of getting what we need. And we can come up with an endless number of reasons why we haven't addressed a need but, the troublesome thing about "needs" is that they don't go away - on their own, that is.

Recently, I've been having some terrific conversations with some of the most intelligent men and women I've ever met.

Yet, there seems to be this common thread among many of them: many…


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Sympathize to Make Money

What is one key to be making (more) money in an economic downturn? Try sympathizing with your customers. Think about it. The vendor who is nimble and can come up with a workable solution for their customers will be successful. You need to think out of the box. It can be hard work but it can be the make or break to a deal. JIT delivery, you hold it in your warehouse until ?, you finance or find your client financing. You need to do whatever it takes, whatever that might be.

The key is… Continue

Added by Howard Larson on January 15, 2009 at 9:35am — 1 Comment

How did we lose our way?

On April 14 the Wall Street Journal ran an article about companies eliminating their HR departments. If you poll large enough population of corporate executives about the role of HR, a majority will tell you that HR is an obstacle to getting things done. A couple of weeks ago Robin Schooling, fellow HR blogger at HR Schoolhouse, stated she had asked a group of HR ladies how to increase employee engagement and their unanimous response was to hold a picnic. When we went to school many of us…


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Process makes perfect!!

Process makes perfect!!

As, with anything, that involves multiple people or entities having to work together, it goes much easier when everyone understands the hows and whys of working together. As a staffing professional, we must ensure we establish the process we…


Added by Dean Da Costa on March 6, 2013 at 10:58pm — 4 Comments

The One And Only Secret To Ultimate Success

In English idiom, "2 left feet" refers to an inept dancer and generally, a clumsy person. Putting this meaning aside, I wish I had 2 left feet so that I don't have to worry whether to go left or right, so I'll just stick to left and let Life happens as it always does, and if I walk left long enough, maybe enough people will start to question, "Does this guy ever turn right?"

Regardless of what 'success' means to you, for everyone reading this, it is a plus, not a minus. Success is a…


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Setting Goals To Earn Your Success

If you have never tried goals setting, you might want to think or reinvent this powerful way to have or get things to happen the way you want to have them happen. Now that is really not a lot of double talk. Goal setting is about thinking about your future, motivating yourself into action and making a vision become reality.

When you are using the process of goal setting you are choosing where you want to go in your life. When you know where you are going. It becomes your road map to… Continue

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Customer Service Is More Than Having Bodies In Seats

Customer Service should be about more than merely having bodies in seats. Customer Service should be about having

Customer Service *Professionals* in those seats.

If your company doesn't have professionals in your Customer Service seats, you're losing customer goodwill... And that'll cost you more branding dollars.

To say "We have a HUGE Customer Service Department!" is meaningless unless all these seats in your Customer Service Department are filled…


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Transformational Leadership

There is so much talk about leadership skills and some people--I think--attack it like they do learning any other skill, with their head rather than with their heart. There are a several books that come to mind when I think about transformational leadership. One is “Leadership and Self-Deception” published by The Arbinger Institute and another is "Time to Think" by Nancy Kline. There are many others the common theme of which is that true transformational leadership—practicing a lifestyle that… Continue

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How Do You Score Your Social Media?

So how do the “pros” score their social media efforts?


Today's top marketers are starting factor social interactions into their lead scoring. Why? Because that is where the action is! These conversations often can indicate buying signals and   behavior and allow marketers to bring leads to a sale or the sales department faster, and beating out the competition that is using traditional lead scoring or dare I say no lead scoring at all.


So what is sales ready…


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