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prophecies 2010


Well in trance on 19 December 2009 Brian brought through Ishaka Khmer, this is the message Ishaka gave us from the angel he works for, over to Ishaka Khmer.

“He say you watch things come true, the word is the light without the word there is nothing. You will see things come true, this is the prophecy. When it comes true you will no this is the truth, this is the word of the Lord….the sea will flood the land….the rain will come….great cities will be… Continue

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“JumpStart Your Business Right Now - Get More Clients, More Money and More Free Time for Yourself!”

Do you need to get back in the swing of things with your business after the holidays and not sure where to begin?

Are you feeling stuck on what to do or where to do it?

Well, the first thing I would tell most of you is to get networking! Jump right up from your desk, bring a stack of business cards and attend some events pertinent to your business right off the bat. This is the best way to generate new leads and new contacts; just do it, don't think about it. This might be… Continue

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Are You One of the Crazy Ones?

Some people think there is nothing to this thing called "social media". Then there are those who think it means everything.

How we view things shapes our perspectives and subsequent actions we apply to life, business and relationships. Our actions can create change or resistance to change. Change is created from… Continue

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The Top Ten Reasons for Going Mobile in 2010

The Top 10 Reasons for Going Mobile in 2010

The New Year is coming and you are trying to figure out what technology will help your business bring in more customers. You heard that mobility is fast becoming the way businesses are reaching new customers. But you are not sure it for your business. We understand your confusion that is why we put together the Ten Top Reasons Your Business Should Become Mobile in 2010. Read this list and keep it with you when you look for the mobile solution for… Continue

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Social Reality: Their Purpose or Ours?

When we encounter people and organizations the initial experience speaks volumes to their purpose. Our first experience with people and organizations is with their media. Media now reflects intentions that are immediately transparent and if not designed with a "social element" the experience reflects an anti-social purpose.… Continue

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Looking for Something To Do? Why Not Give Reading a Shot!

When I wrote this, it was snowing outside, thanks to the courtesy of winter storm Albert coming up the East coast. My town was fortunate to only get 12 to 16 inches. Some other areas of the state got over 24 inches. Due to my injury this past summer, I’m still recovering and medically forbidden from all strong twisting motions that may cause me to… Continue

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Finding a Niche

One of the first things that we should look at is the importance of looking at the market in which you are going to market to and how to break down that market to find a smaller part of it for your niche. The reason for this is that the market place in many areas can be very broad and if you are going to try to target all areas of a particular market then you are going to have a lot of competition. But if you find a “piece” of that market and only target it, then your competition will be… Continue

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Join me on ONE CAUSE for Laini Kuumba Ngoma Troupe

Join me on ONE CAUSE for Laini Kuumba Ngoma Troupe

Hello Family, Friends and Community!

I wanted to be the first to tell you about OneCause, the new home of Schoolpop! This free fundraising program helps you support Laini Kuumba Ngoma Troupe when you shop or search the internet.

Here's how it works: Start your shopping at, click to your favorite stores, and you'll automatically contribute up to 20% of your eligible purchases to Laini Kuumba… Continue

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An Annual Ritual: The Company Holiday Party

HolidayParty1 Today I went to an annual ritual enjoyed by many in the corporate world. Today was my company’s annual holiday party. Complete with raffles, cash bar and plenty of food, the atmosphere was ripe for mingling between colleagues. What I personally never fail to notice is how many people come to such parties and then basically sit by themselves with maybe one other colleague. At a similar company party many years ago, I asked one of my then colleagues, who told me he preferred… Continue

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“3 Tips on How to Build Your List From Your Web site”

Someday, wouldn’t you like to be able to work strictly by word of mouth and a referral system? Wouldn't it be nice to work less hours, while still earning more money? Your contact database is your most precious asset and is the key to helping you achieve these goals. Therefore, it is imperative that you increase the number of contacts within your database and use it to keep in front of those contacts regularly. This will ensure that when your contacts think about the product or service you… Continue

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Which Part of Social Media Sells?

Everyone everywhere is selling "social media" products and services. I often wonder which part of social media are they selling.

In an earlier post titled "Do You Sell Social Media Snake Oil" we said "Using social media effectively demands… Continue

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The #2 Reason Your Marketing Isn't Working

Last month I wrote about the #1 reason your marketing isn't working and I thought I'd continue on with that trend to see what else I could come up with...the #1 reason was 'the marketing doesn't matter without the right mindset'.

The #2 reason however is lack of having a plan; a big picture plan and vision that is. Planning is quite different these days when you're dealing with much more online or global business prospects and promotions.

Just because it's… Continue

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Introducing Poken Take Your Social Network Offline

Greetings Business Owners,

Are you looking for computers, office supplies, cellular, internet, or telecommunication services for your business. Then check out the weekly specials from our affiliate partners like OfficeMax, PC Connections, AT&T, Tech Depot, Circuit City, and Fujitsu just to name a few. Every week these top technology companies offer weekly specials on products and service at savings of 30% or more on office supplies, band name computers, cellular phone…


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According to Pew survey African-Americans are the most active mobile web users

According to The Pew Survey African-Americans are the most active mobile web users!!

Are you looking to open your products and services to one of the fasting growing mobile markets in the U.S. then read this article below then contact us immediately to see how we can help you tap into this exploding mobile market.

One-fifth of Americans accessing mobile web each day

July 23, 2009 — 11:16am ET | By Jason Ankeny

Nineteen percent of Americans now access the mobile web on a… Continue

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SBA: Live Chat Tax Preparation Help for Small Business Owners


U.S. Small Business Administration

-- News Advisory --


Advisory Date: December 10, 2009

Contact: Cecelia Taylor (202) 401-3059

Advisory Number: MA09-14

Internet Address:

Tax Preparation Help for Small Business Owners

Live Web Chat with AICPA Vice President of… Continue

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Still Hobbling Around

I'm still on non weight bearing and am having to negotiate my knee scooter in treacherous weather conditions, since Chicago has been hit by the first winter storm of the season. I have been very fortunate that we've had so warm and dry a November, but have been dreading snowy and icy sidewalks. This morning was much better than was forecasted. It was only wet, but not slippery.

My recommendation to everyone is never break your ankle just in case anyone was considering it as a way to get a… Continue

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The Week Ahead December 7 - December 11, 2009

Monday: October Consumer Credit


Wednesday: October wholesale inventories,

Thursday: October trade balance, Weekly initial jobless claims

Friday: November retail sales, October business inventories

Larson Notes: I was surprised at the drip in unemployment yet I am deeply concerned that construction has no backlog in projects and that there is no big [private sector construction going on. As government projects end… Continue

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"21 Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make When Building Your Business!"

I realize that when you first started your business you may not have thought about EVERYTHING that would be involved with running a successful business, right?

You had a passion and interest in a particular product or service that you could offer and that you believed others would want. But there's a LOT more to running a successful business than what meets the eye.

Here are some very common mistakes I see my clients and others I meet making every month in… Continue

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Selling Social Media Snake Oil?

social media initiatives 2009 Everyone seems to be getting sucked into social media. At the same time a large percentage of companies are using it wrong or using it without defining clear objectives.

Stephen Baker writes in Business Week:… Continue

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lost souls

Part 1


I am writing this for the peoples of the world to contemplate, some will believe what I say, some will not it up to you to listen and make up your own mind. Spirits that are here on earth are sometimes called ghost so lets just take a moment to look at the ghost as they are know, bumping about in old house, even moving objects about or even turning things on and of, some of these things can be explained as our family or friends that have past just… Continue

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