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Drinking The Social Media Kool-Aid?

matters__full This post may seem harsh but is meant to expand our thinking, mine included. Bear with me.

It seems that popular bloggers and communities are creating a "cult like" following of readers who buy into published perspectives.

People follow popular post and bloggers who have the most re-Tweets and highest traffic. Popularity does not… Continue

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This post may be a little later than Thanksgiving, however anytime, anywhere is time to be grateful for life, the air we breathe, our health, the friends we celebrate with and the new friends we make while networking.

I've been fortunate to meet so many people through Vincent, on Linkedin, in Facebook, on Twitter and everything else. My challenge for myself is to herd everyone together in each place that we are connected to. I am so grateful for all my friends, fans and… Continue

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Important Factors of SEO

Well there are many things that need to be done in relation to the placement of their website within

the search engines. One of the most important things is content! Relevant content is easily indexed by

the search engines. Good content also gives the visitors of your website a reason to look deeper

into your pages, refer your site, and make another appearance on your website. So write relevant

content, to designated pages about your services, products and/or… Continue

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Secrets for Holiday Promotions & Gifting

Is your business holiday friendly? Do you get busier during the holidays or are you slower due to the fact that people are not interested in purchasing your products and/or services at this time of year.

Holiday promotions can be a useful tool for any type of business. However, you will still want to be creative. For example, if you send your clients holiday cards around Christmas or other December holiday, your card will most likely be one of 25 (or more) cards that your… Continue

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ou need a website..... so get one!

Having a website is not that hard to do. Technology has made it where just about any one can create a website for little or no money. I did a quick search for some of the sites that offer such free services and many of them are professional looking and offer the opportunity to upgrade your account to offer more features.

Yet if you only need the basic services of the free websites, then I completely suggest trying them. I think most people get scared thinking they can’t do it, they… Continue

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Performance Architecture a BPM Subset

Have you as a “Stakeholder” ever taken the moment to step back and think about the performance of your Enterprise?

Review this case scenario and determine if you have observed the same within your Enterprise:

At the start of a meeting about the declining performance of the Customer Care Managers of enterprise XYZ, the attending top management team “knew” that the Customer Care Managers lacked skills and knowledge and… Continue

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Free Traffic System Build Back Links On Auto Pilot

Link Building System I don't want to read all this, just give me the Free Back Link Building System Now!

How Many Back Links Does Your Website Have?

If you are like most people you probably have 5-20 back links built up by posting to forums or maybe a blog here and there.… Continue

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Can You Explain Social Media?

Consumer process How many times have you been asked "Can you explain social media to us?" Then you have to think about how to explain the entire (r)evolution of the internet and its present state. Try doing that and you'll lose most people's attention.

It has been said that "pictures speak a thousand words". As a consultant I have always found that if you can… Continue

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5 Tips for Mastering Social Media Marketing

1. Take Action and Be Active

If you want to learn about the various Social Media Marketing tools, then you can take classes and there are lots of free and paid. Get clarity in who your audience is or who you want to work with.. Update your profiles often about every 3 months on groups like Linkedin, FaceBook, Twitter, Ning, Blitztime, or any other online community that you are involved with. Share and give frequently. Pay it Forward without expecting anything back.


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The Week Ahead October 26-30, 2009

Monday: September Construction Spending, Pending Home Sales,

Tuesday: Factory Orders, Auto & Truck Sales

Wednesday: Federal Reserve Meeting

Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims, 3rd Quarter Productivity

Friday: Consumer Credit, Wholesale Inventories

Larson Notes: The government stimulus in cars grew the economy lst month together with home sales by 3.5%. That is mainly due to cash… Continue

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