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TLS Continuum Part 13: I have to get out of this place

Congratulations you have been designated a high performance, high potential human capital asset. You have achieved the goal of getting the corner office. Your career development plan/succession plan is on target with this stop only going to last about three years and then you are off to another assignment. These plateaus are enhancing your career portfolio but along the way you have missed out on a golden opportunity to take your career to the highest level it could go. Do you really know…


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My Marketing Story (The Short Version)

My Marketing story takes place a few years ago, my advent into the network Marketing world was traumatic to say the least because I totally underestimated the field and thought I had all the answers. I had no clue about Time Management, burnout, Information Overload or shiny Objects that would be my stumbling blocks.

Before I knew it, I was all over the place reaching for my wallet every chance I got having no clue that I didn’t have to invest in everything that looked good to…


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Who Is Paul Hines

My foray into the world of Network Marketing was a painful experience because I was so Muleheaded as a newbie, I thought I had all the answers and couldn't be told or taught anything, so when I started in 07 I was in for a rude awakening with a Cherry on top and had no clue when the other shoe would…


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GoDaddy Hosting

First let me say that I was a die hard customer of HostGator for many years until I tested GoDaddy’s hosting package, its ease of use when setting up my WordPress blog was effortless. While HostGator is simple as well, I wasn’t expecting GoDaddy hosting to be so beginner friendly when setting up a WordPress blog.

GoDaddy’s hosting CPanel is simple to figure out too, I was surprised when in the CPanel that I had the option to set up a simple version of…


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The Brandergy Member With 3 PhD's... Dr. Craig Brown, PhD ... TBM #1

3 PhD's...

As its founder, I love interviewing the members of Scheduling Success here on Brandergy.com.

During my Skype conversation earlier today with …


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Job search has changed! Introducing Forward Motion Careers!

Job search has changed!


Jobseekers used to be able to handle a job change by themselves. Not anymore. Since the Great Recession, a whole new industry has formed around hiring. And this industry has changed everything about how people get selected for jobs.


Current hiring processes involve sophisticated…


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Introducing Henry Schneider



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It’s a small world after all, and the Pyramids!!

It’s a small world after all, and the Pyramids!!

I know what you are thinking, what does a Disney song; have to do with the Pyramids? Well the connection is really very simple.
 Let’s start with the…

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Meet The Maverick: Jeff Cartwright


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Re: Legal advisor needed,

Hello Brandergy: I'm seeking elder attorney, within experience with trust documents.       

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The "IN" In your Linkedin Profile Is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT!

Listen, please!

We really *ARE* trying to help you with your businesses, with your careers, and with your social projects.

However, we also have professionals who express interest in your Brandergy profile but, cannot find you via the link you post.

IF you're still looking to do business, or are…


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Powerese: Who's hungry for power?

*I* am *not* hungry for power. My *tasks* are hungry for power. If I don't feed my tasks the power they need, they won't get done. #Powerese

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The amazing Gravitational field of the best!!!

The amazing Gravitational field of the best!!!

There is an old saying; people tend to gravitate towards those of similar likes, dislikes, thoughts, and perceptions. This saying holds particular weight and fact when dealing…

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The Thing Is Infinite

#TTII = "The Thing Is Infinite"

You CAN'T see *anything* without missing *something*. So, RELAX and IMBIBE the ABUNDANCE embracing you...

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pcLearning4U - Math and Computer Training for Every Age

Just as you would hire a personal fitness trainer to enhance your yoga or exercise routine, pcLearning4U offers personal training to sharpen your math and computer skills!

Do you live in the Richmond,…

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Purchase a car Belgrade, Serbia

A large number of satisfied customers and ten years of experience in this business has led us to a leading position in the world of car purchase. Our extensive experience and a large network of associates enabled us to provide our services to the entire territory of our country. A great number of satisfied customers who have sold their car within a few hours, and have obtained the expected amount of money, due to us, was the most helpfull fact in reaching this level of popularity and…


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You gotta check this out.
This is EXACTLY what we’ve
been searching for all these yrs.
Watch this 2min video & call me
right back. …

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We are a Procurement and Financial Services Solution Company that reduces costs by utilizing procurement outsourcing and financial services methodologies. We are paid only when cost savings are implemented…


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The Secret Acronym Language of Staffing!!!!

The Secret Acronym Language of Staffing!!!!
So like all vocations and companies, staffing has their own language of sorts. Most of it revolves around acronyms and abbreviations. I know in the…

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TLS Continuum Part 12: VUCA and the TLS Continuum: Are they Incompatible?

I am currently reading a must read for all HR professionals, The Rise of HRWisdom from 73 Thought Leaders*, which was recently released by the Human Resource Certification Institute. It makes the case for the fact that the HR space has changed to one centered in VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). The contributors further suggest…


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