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Code For Adding Missing Children Applet To Your Blog/Profile/Website

For those who'd like to help bring more eyes to the cause of missing children, here's the code to add to your profile here on My Linking Power Forum or to your own blogs or web sites:



By the way: Linking Eyes To Find Missing Children is inspired by the efforts of Sheilah Etheridge: http://mylinkingpowerforum.ning.com/profile/SheilahEtheridge


Vincent… Continue

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Free Seminar PuurZaam! 22-08-09 with Live demonstration of Voice-analysis! www.puurzaam.nl/gratis-seminar

You find my new video (in Dutch) and the possibility to join our new Free Seminar at www.puurzaam.nl/gratis-seminar
One of the founders of the brandnew Voice-analysis is doing a guest college with a live demonstration of this 'personal balancing' tool: "speak to me and in 3 minutes I will tell you who you are"!

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Did you see the Andersons (Empowerment Experiment) this morning on CBS News?

If you missed the segment this morning on CBS Morning News, you can meet this wonderful family in person on August 7, 2009 at a special event hosted by the Black Business Network. Maggie saw the value in this network and the products/services offered to Blacks around the globe. John and Maggie Anderson are the Black couple from Chicago, Illinois who made a pledge to buy from Black-owned businesses only, for the entire year of 2009. Their "Empowerment… Continue

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The Week Ahead July 27 – July 31

Monday: June new home sales

Tuesday: July consumer confidence, May Case-Shiller home prices

Wednesday: June durable-goods orders, Federal Reserve beige book.

Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims

Friday: 2nd Quarter GDP

Larson note: I promised you a good statistic week last week and bingo, you got it, heck we even got a an added bonus of a no hitter perfect game pitched by Mark Buehrle of the Chicago White Sox’s. The Dow… Continue

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Pilates Or Stretch For Back Pain

Chiropractors,Physiotherapists and Osteopaths are increasingly recommending Pilates to their patients as a possible cure for their aching backs. This series of articles focus on correct posture and core strength which are key elements of the Pilates method. They also discuss stretch for back pain, which many people consider to be the better remedy.


Added by Steven Giles on July 27, 2009 at 3:17am — 1 Comment

The 20 Dollar Twitter Trick

What Is the 20 Dollar Twitter Trick?
Yep, the $20 dollar twitter trick, is not really a trick, just some fast ways to make a big difference in the way you use twitter and if done right make some good money…

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How To Get A Free Press Realease For Your Website

More Free SEO Tips and Free Webmaster Videos

Newspaper Looking for a Press Release?

Many web site owners will pay good money for others to write a press release about there new product or service and then they will submit the press release to top Press Release distribution sites. This is a great service, can really help give any web site a boost in traffic and… Continue

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If Discipline Creates Brilliance, What Does The Lack Of Discipline Create?

There are two great things I enjoyed practicing when I was younger: saxophone and hatha yoga.

Candidly, I started practicing hatha yoga so that it could help me become a better saxophonist. (Just 4 months before my 20th birthday, I started practicing yoga to improve my breathing capacity, digital flexibility, and digital strength)

Indeed, as I reflect on the deepest periods of practice, practice didn't feel like practice, at all!

Discipline wasn't something… Continue

Added by Vincent Wright on July 20, 2009 at 9:00pm — 3 Comments

Great Things Happen Here!

Great Things Happen Here!

That one statement says it all. The people that take up the gauntlet and pursue Brain Management training have greatness in store for them. Whether they realize it or not, these people are leaders. They may not be leaders of a country, or even a neighborhood. But they all possess leadership qualities, and they are doing something for themselves that will increase their intrinsic value to their community. I have the privilege to indoctrinate them to a… Continue

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Self confidence doesn't always mean self worth

As a shy 20 something year old woman I made the decision to transform my life and have spent much of it working on my self confidence until a conversation with my spiritual coach made me realise that self esteem was more than just confidence but included worth too.

Self confidence is my ability to make decisions, to give life to my intentions and dreams but without believing I am worthy to achieve those dreams and goals I set myself I make my journey more work than it really needs to… Continue

Added by Diane Corriette on July 13, 2009 at 4:28am — No Comments

Are Food Banks Evil??? (Fourteen Reasons Why They May Be)

Here's a question most people who know me probably would never expect me to ask: "Are food banks evil?"

Let me make a simple case:

If segregating the water fountains people used to drink from, if segregating the bathrooms, the swimming pools, schools, housing, churches, golf courses, restaurants and all other community areas people use is societally *evil* then, why is it that segregating the places where people get their food not evil, too?

Please think…


Added by Vincent Wright on July 13, 2009 at 2:30am — 4 Comments

We are so confident that you will succeed; we will offer a 150% Money back guarantee

Mega 10 Success

Mega 10 is a mentoring-tutoring company. We teach those that want

to go into business for themselves how to do just that. Our tutoring

fees are outlandishly low. We have quality information that can take

a person with no internet experience to an internet money-making machine....

While learning to be successful with Mega 10 Success, you will have the

ability to make additional income….

Want me to… Continue

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Is Twitter The Affiliate Marketers New Best Friend?

My Twitter Tactics and its associates have been keeping an eye on Twitter and it is a growing beast. It's size dwarfs most of its social media competition. Of course there are many who have tried to take advantage of twitters rapid growth and cash in on new members trying to get more followers and so on. But besides getting paid to tell people how to… Continue

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Get Your Website Listed On Amazon and Kindle Networks

Many people use RSS Feeds to syndicate their blog or website information on the internet. Now if you have your own RSS feed you can use it to syndicate your blog to the new Amazon Kindle Network. This is an amazing opportunity for any web site publisher. Note that you will not make any money from this unless you really offer some good quality content, but the point still stands… Continue

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By Croft M. Pentz

The person who never changes his mind never improves his mistakes either.


The road to success is always under construction.


Salvation is free, but discipleship is costly.


People who live it up may someday have to live it down.



Added by Linda Tygenhof on July 7, 2009 at 9:57pm — No Comments

What is YOUR AMERICAN DREAM? (Free E-Book at end)

How many people do you know that join every “best” online opportunity?

I know several. Some promise “guaranteed income”, “quick cash”, and more enticing crap. These types of businesses are scams and you need to keep your distance away from them.

I made the huge mistake of following their lead, joining this online “guaranteed to make you money” and then that “online business that promised you a big payout”. Not!

Reality is… YOU must take a step back; concentrate… Continue

Added by Linda Tygenhof on July 7, 2009 at 9:11pm — 5 Comments

New Graduates: Valuable Tips to Use throughout Your Career

Reposted by The ResumeWonders Blog

For the past year college students have been hearing and probably feeling first hand the effects of the economy. Student loans are harder to get, interest rates are higher, available internships are down 20%, and stats on the staggering number of new graduates still unemployed leaves little to get excited about. So, what can new graduates do that will help them get ahead of other 2009… Continue

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A Fighting Spirit (or Where's The Quality Care In Rushing The Dying Into Eternity?)

The social worker said to me "It would be nice if she could just let go."

She said this - with the best of intentions - in reference to my mother who has been struggling with multiple myeloma since being diagnosed with it eight years ago.

Ordinarily this statement would not have caught my attention except that I had recently cautioned a friend about her penchant to rush through traffic.

We rush, we rush, we rush! We…


Added by Vincent Wright on July 7, 2009 at 9:00am — 9 Comments

Texas B-roll HD Rides Again, Launches CityB-roll.com

Please visit TexasB-roll and CityB-roll online today.

"It's been a long time coming" - David Crosby

Yes it has! In 2002, we started offering stock footage of Texas for sale in broadcast quality standard definition formats. Now our stock footage is fleshed out in true HD (1080-24p) and we are excited about our Industry Sponsor status with… Continue

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Add Video To Your Twitter For Free


Video On Twitter?

How many people have seen video on twitter?

Probably not many, because twitter does not allow the use of video in your tweets or your live stream. However, thanks to this really cool third party software, you can now add video to your own twitter… Continue

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