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Chief Financial Officer (CFO/ COO). A CFO/COO for a privately held, fast growing marketer and manufacturer, located in New Jersey with close proximity to New York City as the company"s main distribution channel is currently the past-paced accessories market, with plans on leveraging executive talents in expanding those channels shortly. The CFO/COO will report directly to the President/CEO. Candidates should be hands-on leaders, technically strong in finance, accounting and operations, able to… Continue

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Are You Suffering from Post Millenium Syndrome-PMS?

PMS-post millennium syndrome is rampant. Post Millennium Syndrome is what I call a growing sense of disconnection, discontent, malaise that has invades our lives, relationships and work. It is a pernicious disease, a virulent virus of negativity that saps our energy and makes the shocks, the bumps and grinds we face in our work, our relationships and our lives that much work difficult to deal with. It also erodes the sense of accomplishment, achievement and happiness we feel in our lives and… Continue

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The Sticky Life of Overachievers from http://justcoachit.blogware.com

The Sticky Life of Overachievers

Are you an overachiever who is living a sticky life? I know because I have been stuck. I didn’t look stuck, I didn’t smell stuck, I looked successful, prosperous. I was successful, prosperous, accomplished and stuck in the mud! Yes, I am a recovered overachiever who made it to success, happiness and fulfilment by finding my way out of my sticky life!

Overachievers and perfectionists often get stuck in sticky lives. Stuck in the mud that no… Continue

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Engaging the Leader Within from http://justcoachit.blogware.com

I believe that leadership is not conspicious in its absence. Are you ready to ignite it in your relationships, your work, your life...your world? Step out of the comfort zone and challenge yourself and others to engage the leader within? It is time to get inspired by what you have the potential to create and re-create should you choose to engage your true power?

Most of us look around at the landscape of our lives, work and world and are touched by a sense of deep angst, a feeling… Continue

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The Internet Can Do More Than You Think

Prepare Yourself For A Paradigm Shift

The old idea of Internet Marketing was some promotional pages, a newsletter, and a virtual store. But, as we get deeper into the Information Age, we need to re-think our relationship to the Internet. It may be much more than you thought it was.

A promotional page on the Internet does give your practice some exposure. It can be helpful in providing some basic, static information about you and your practice.

A… Continue

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Fake it till you make it

As a businesswoman who has to wear many hats I find many situations where I'm not especially comfortable and need to apply the above rule. Is there a way to feel more comfortable in our own skin more of the time? In researching this I ran into a great article that I want to share. I want to start practicing it and see what happens. Maybe others would like to take the journey with me and report your results, too.

I especially liked the information I will present because it gets to the… Continue

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Online Product Brokerage company seeking Entrepreneurial Managers.

Specialize in Product Brokerage, One-to-One-Marketing and Mass Custamization.

Marketamerica.com, a product brokerage and Internet marketing company, is currently seeking highly motivated individuals to serve as independent distributors. Successful distributors have: Strong interpersonal skills Team management skills Marketing experience Ability to network Duties include: Running your own business within the company Managing two sales and… Continue

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My Merchant Circle weekend!

Well first off, I probably better explain what Merchant Circle is about.

So here's the intro page Headline:

Promote Your Business

Join the 475,000 businesses across the country who rely on MerchantCircle to manage their online reviews.

Best of all, it's FREE!

And a picture of a guy holding a laptop with this on screen:

Your business info goes here for customers to see.

There's also a big button to enter your telephone number… Continue

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What Are The Engagement Factos?

The social web promotes and enhances engagement processes aimed at relationships. There are four elements which define engagement factors in the relationship economy. The four factors are tightly inter-connected processes that determine the outcomes of an organizations total “engagement efforts”.

The Socialutions for any organization are fundamentally tied to these four elements. The four elements are:

Customer Engagement


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What DRIVES You?

What is the reason behind what you do?

Suppose you were at your own funeral/memorial. What would you want others to say about you & what you accomplished? Did you sacrfice it all for family? Your purpose-your bottom line, was, "more, more, more?" What did it cost you, and was it worth the time and effort you put into it?

Perhaps, you believe, that the one dies with the most toys, wins..... That says more about who you are not, than who you are. for the meaning of life… Continue

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I've always been told to be clear about how my network, friends, and business associates can help me... i also have been told by many of you, many times, that if i need help to ask... so, i am... i d…

I've always been told to be clear about how my network, friends, and business associates can help me... i also have been told by many of you, many times, that if i need help to ask... so, i am... i do apologize in advance for the length though! ;)


Someone recently asked me what are my Needs & Requirements to be Successful?

Most Pressing Needs & Requirements to be Successful with TTTC:

1.) To put God First… Continue

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Do you have any Questions?

This question is asked at the end of most interviews, and it gives the candidate a chance to shine and stand out from the pack. Do you come loaded with questions, or do you end an interview saying that all your questions were answered?

Most candidates clam up at this point, giving the impression that they are uninterested or unprepared. It’s a huge mistake.

A more effective strategy is to come loaded with questions, so you’ll always have a few left for the end of each… Continue

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Interview Road Kill - “I Haven’t Done it, but I Can Learn”

OUCH…I can feel your pain. Your interview ended with those words. The fat lady sang.

Employers realize you can learn if you've been in the workforce for a while, or if you've graduated College. Of course you can learn. It's even a bad answer for an entry-level job candidate.

But today, employers don't want someone who can learn, they want fast solutions to…


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The Inside Track on Recruiters – Top 10 Tips

It's so simple, and so few candidates do this. And the higher up the management chain the candidate is, the more effective they can be using this strategy. Interestingly, the higher up the management chain the candidate is, the LESS LIKELY they are to actually do this! It's such an easy way to stand out, such an easy way to get priority and additional help from…


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How to “rig” Your Resume for Careerbuilder and other job boards

Is it helpful to your job search to rank highly in a resume search? It should be, since only about 2-3% of resumes sent through job boards are actually read by humans.

It's frustrating, isn't it? Many take it personally, getting angry or depressed.

But it's also your best weapon to landing interviews…


Computerized pre-screens are a necessary result of the number of resumes that CareerBuilder and other job sites flood companies… Continue

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Ford Motor Company Announces New Digital Advertising Program for Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealers

An online enrollment form for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers to participate in this program has been set up at www.FLMDigital.com…


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Will Broadcast Distribution Shift?

While the term “broadcasting” means many things most think in terms of blogs, social networks and YouTube. The next leg of the social web will progress to enable individuals, groups and entire communities to establish their own “broadcasting stations” using live and on demand video.

The tools are already in place.

We can now do live video calls, a host of new sites are offering “broadcasting networks. The more advanced broadcasting technologies become the more users… Continue

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You are Invited to Attend the Kelley Blue Book eNetwork Brunch in Dallas, TX on June 12, 2008

Kelley Blue Book eNetwork Brunch

Join us for this fast-paced workshop to learn what you need to know to start selling to them TODAY! On OUR Web site...On YOUR Web site...On YOUR LOT.

You will…


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The Duel – Facebook vs. LinkedIN

Which is better for your job search, Facebook or LinkedIN?

The case for LinkedIN:


• LinkedIN allows you to build a massive network, and allows you to limited contact with any other user directly through its InMail feature

• You see 3 degrees of separation

• LinkedIN has a widget that allows you to superimpose your network over Monster and CareerBuilder ads – so you can reach line managers and bypass HR.

• LinkedIN has a similar widget to… Continue

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Thank You! Make an Impact in 5 Minutes

I’m amazed I actually have to write this article.

Why do fewer than 10% of all candidates blow off the easiest way to stand out? It’s so simple…the thank you note. Yet so few take advantage of writing a simple thank you…so it’s a huge advantage to those who do.

Why write a Thank You note? Here’s 5 reasons:

1. Thank Yous remind the hiring manager who you are

2. Thank Yous show the hiring manager that you REALLY want the job

3. Thank Yous give you an… Continue

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