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Friends Don't Force Friends...

FORCED advice is one of the most juvenile, insensitive, & insulting things you can do within the circle of people you call "friends".

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Why did the process improvement not meet expectations?

Those of you who have followed our blogs since their origination will likely be surprised by the title of this post. I have not changed my view that we are involved in a new era where change is not only a fact of life; it is mandatory for the survival of our businesses.

We firmly believe that Toyota and its associated Toyota Production System had it right when they stated that when we discover that the organization has some problems how we resolve the issue is not the desired end…


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Conducting the Interview!!

Conducting the Interview!!

During the interview your goal is to gather information so you can make a solid hiring…


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People Improvement Organization (PIO) provides services to the women and children working and living in the garbage dumps of Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Ms. Phymean Noun is the Founder of PIO and was chosen in 2008 as a Top 10 CNN Hero. Check out PIO's website and you'll learn why -

TREO visited PIO to introduce REAAL NAMES, a Rose STEM Game, and discussed working together to develop a program to support the literacy education of the children and women working in the dumps of Phnom Penh.

Give a gift of Literacy to children in… Continue

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Top Ten Rules for Successful Internet Sourcers !

Top Ten Rules for Successful Internet Sourcers!!

Every experienced Internet Sourcer uses a general list of guidelines that…


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Give Your Name as a Gift of Literacy to children in Africa, India and Cambodia - Play the REAAL NAMES Game

Turn your name into an acronym and complete this sentence:

"Dawn's Embrace Is Richly Desired, Rewards Everyone / Nurtures Our Reasoned Awakening / ?"


Please share and invite your friends to play. Become part of the REAAL NAMES Game mobile app database (in development) See description:

What's… Continue

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Actions have Consequences, choose wisely

The source for many of my posts over the years has been the local churches announcing their upcoming sermons for the Sunday services and this one is no different. Originally I thought about this in a different context but the events of the past week have changed my focus.

We are involved in an ever-changing world and these changes require that we change our focus and approaches in order to successfully deal with those changes.  They require us to change our corporate culture. Newton’s…


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A Quick Hello

I am inspired to be a member of Brandergy and anticipate a great learning and sharing experience as well as developing lasting friendships.  May we all continue the road of achieving our dreams step by step.


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Want To See A Beautifully Expressed Brandergy Profile? See, John Inman's!

Brandergy friend, John Inman Ed.M., M.A.. PHR, just updated his profile to make it one of the most refreshing and well-orgranized profiles I've seen among all the thousands of profiles on  

Please take a moment to check out John's Brandergy profile at:

+Thanks, and Keep…


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Want to find a great candidate, think like a candidate!!

Want to find a great candidate, think like a candidate!!

Awhile back I wrote a blog about “research comes first”. It…

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Have I Got News For You ~

Hello Guys ... 

This is just a wee Blog Post .... so it will not take long to read. 

Life is so busy these days you find yourself running around doing this and that ... because everyone else is running around .... nobody is relaxed anymore ...everyone is stressed thinking that there is so many things to do and not enough time in the day .... even my son at school feels like that is…


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If You Build It, They Will Come: the story of a successful Boolean search string!!

If you build it, They will come: the story of a successful Boolean search String!!

I talked about the importance of doing your homework before…


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