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They Say It Is Failure To Thrive: What Can You Do?

Failure To Thrive is a label of lower than normal weight and height. Pediatricians identify this based on how your child matches a standardized growth chart or on changes in your child's growth advancement. If not improved this situation could affect the child's normal progress through the normal developmental stages.

Perhaps the pediatrician has told you that it is just a nutrition issue and has told you what to do to raise… Continue

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The Feingold and GFCF Diets Perform Well For Some Babies With Failure To Thrive And Not For Others

There are a series of diet regimen which have been suggested routinely for children with developmental diagnoses such as Failure To Thrive. The GFCF and Feingold Diets are among the most admired for this field.

Modifying The Paradigm

I want to compliment the developers of these diets for changing the paradigm about what might be causing the world-wide growth in the numbers of developmental difficulties for children. For a long time our modern doctors could not… Continue

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What Do You Know About Failure To Thrive In Babies

Failure To Thrive is a blockage in normal increases in height and weight that could be the precursor to slow-downs in the developmental process and normal maturation.

Failure To Thrive is a description of a condition given to infants who are consistently underweight or who do not gain weight for unclear reasons. There may be many causes. Many reasons for this involve socio-environmental factors that work together to keep the… Continue

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For What Reason Is There So Little Progress In Finding A Cure For Failure To Thrive?

Failure To Thrive (FTT) in children is a label which identifies that a child is not moving through developmental steps appropriately. So, there is little or no maturation emotionally, physically, socially, behaviorally, or intellectually. There are varying versions of this label.

Some with FTT are 3, 4, or 5 years old and are still babies. Some children with FTT are physically growing and playing, but maybe they are not… Continue

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Why Buying Local Matters

Where did you go last time you bought a CD? Online or down the street to the local store? How about that digital camera or I-pod?

Where you buy things does matter. It does not have to be a choice on what is cheaper, faster, better, or more convenient. Right now there should be one more element that is important. If you don’t buy from a local or at least US company (if you are not an American company just plug in your own countries name) why should those same people buy from your… Continue

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SEO is Both Important and Misunderstood

In a survey companies said overwhelming said that search engine submission optimization (SEO) is an active part of their online marketing efforts and that they believed it accounted for a significant portion of their web traffic, but many of those same companies identified SEO tactics, like purchasing links, as an effective way to boost their pages' performance.

The survey was conducted over the entire month of January 2009, and had 117 qualified ecommerce merchants respond.… Continue

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Still More Bottom Line Priority Thinking

Here are still more low-cost CRM ideas and strategies for when your money is tighter than tight.

1) Conduct interviews with your best customers to find out what they want form you or how you might improve.

2) Fire your worst customers. The ones that are the black holes of your bottom line no matter how you try to do the right thing.

3) Engage in innovation discussions with your employees at the lowers possible level.

4) Set Plans and goals for the future and share them… Continue

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Low Cost Ways to Market Your Business

It’s not nice out there. You, me, everyone is getting hit from all sides. You want to push your business ahead but funds are running on empty for marketing. So what can a business owner or marketing manager do?

First change the way you are thinking from spending on marketing tools to investing on smart strategic execution.

You need to use this slow down to think about how to make smart investments rather than more. Take a hard look at the assets you currently have in your… Continue

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How To Be An Industry Expert

If you want to be the (Wo)man in your industry. The person people think of when they need answers. That special go-to person you need to define what your specialty is. Mark your territory. Claim your rightful place.

Think about who you are, your knowledge base, your experience, your background and how you can relate them to the world as we know it today. Then find a way for potential clients and editors to make the connection between you, your topics, your answers and the issues… Continue

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No one has a corner on success. Pay the price for it and it's yours.

No matter what you want from life you've got to give up something to get it.

Nothing worthwhile will come easily to you.

Hard work will accomplish results that last.

You've got to work a great deal harder than most people to get it.

There is no success at bargain basement prices.

The highway to success is a toll… Continue

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Are you self employed and/or a proud multi-tasker? If so, you will want to read this...

As a business owner, I know that for many years now I have proudly proclaimed that I am a multi-tasker extraordinaire. Though there will be some to disagree, there will also be a portion of people who will readily confess the same.

The other day I read a blog posting on this subject that was written by my friend Carmin. She and I belong to several of the same organizations and networking communities. Because it touched me, and I gained a new perspective that will prove helpful in all… Continue

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Consumer Food Spending

Consumers are cutting their food spending by 3.7% in the fourth quarter from the previous 3 months.

-15.9% Beer at home

- 2.7% Wine at home

- 0.9% Liquor at home

- 1.2% Fast food

- 3.8% Eating out

- 5.1% Candy

Larson note: The most disturbing thing (keep in mind this is form a month and a half ago) is that this was during the holiday season. If it was at different time I would not wonder so much.

Howard Larson

Larson &… Continue

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Targeting Profitable Customers Online

When putting together an online campaign, marketers should push down past general demographics to include pockets of the population that have been identified as profitable new customers such as, students, business travelers, health club members, trade show attendees.

Pushing past that level to further pinpoint behaviors and interests such as travel or technology brings in a complex mix do demographics, geography, contextual and behavioral factors that should go into making your plan… Continue

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Blog post


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Most Effective Use of Telemarketing in B2B

In an economy like the one we are going through it is normal to see companies that use telemarketing in alignment with sales efforts will probably be increasing their telemarketing dollars and those that use the phone as a broad based awareness for surveys and general awareness campaigns will most likely decrease their dollars in this direction.

Focus the majority of your telemarketing efforts on measurable activity that drives leads to your sales team. As you are rolling out the… Continue

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Using Networks for Kids' Sake...

I'm a sucker for a good charity and even more so when helping that charity comes with a good time. On Saturday March 7th I'll be taking part in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids' Sake 2009 event in Dallas, TX.

Bowl For Kids' Sake is the largest annual fundraising event for Big Brothers Big Sisters, providing funds to offer positive mentoring relationships… Continue

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The Week Ahead for February 23-27, 2009


Tuesday: February consumer’s confidence

Wednesday: January existing home sales

Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims, January durable-goods orders, January new-home sales

Friday: 4th quarter revised GDP, February Chicago purchasing managers index

Larson note: It starts in these reports. Not across the board good things but I’ll go out on a limb and say to look to home sales to pick up a little bit.

At the… Continue

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10 Practices To Make A Marketing Impact!

1. Revisit inventory management.

Yield-management and scheduling tools can help get more value from your inventory and bolster thinning margins. You need have it on the shelf you can’t sell it, yet too much inventory is death.

2. Use facts for your business.

Making decisions is often a rushed practice based on perception rather than facts. Necessary information can take too long to collect into digestible, actionable analytics. Take in all the facts you can then go for… Continue

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Oversized Postcards

In a recent poll a week or so ago the direct marketing association’s members 50% felt oversized postcards were not worth the cost. I disagree.

Personally I love oversized, oversized anything to me the biggest waste of money is not getting noticed.

Larson note: Postcards, over sized postcards, over sized envelopes, letters that are bulky. Anything to get looked at, noticed, opened. The key is your ROI not… Continue

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To become successful, you MUST have this!

One of the most important ingredients needed to succeed in life has nothing to do with commitment. Nothing to do with desire. Nothing to do with effort and absolutely nothing to do with action.

Think about it for a minute.. If all you needed to succeed was commitment, effort and desire, then nearly every hard working family in the world would be financially successful.

Now although these ingredients are of course important, they are only pieces of the puzzle and a very… Continue

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