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Are You A Worker Bee?

In my business, I am constantly redefining myself, my services and my products in order to stay ahead of or at least keep up with the ever changing industry of marketing. If I don't bring fresh new ideas and material to my clients and contacts on an ongoing basis, then someone else will.

To stay at the forefront, I spend a significant amount of my time working “on” my business, not just “in” it. That means, instead of always consulting with clients, I lock myself up with my computer… Continue

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Real-Time Search Is Changing Everything

I have been talking about this one on and off since the first to the year; Real-Time Search. It’s here and it’s for real! Google and Bing have “officially” jumped into Real-Time, taking full advantage of partnerships and the ever changing face of SEO. If you do a search on Google you will now see a sizable part of the page dedicated to Real-Time search. This is not a static search result now but a scrolling, live update of content from all across the web about what you are looking for. Real… Continue

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Free Resources

There are Key factors to Search Engine Optimization, here are a few examples:

Content – relevant content to your site, that is well written.

Out Bound Links – the number of places that your website link appears through out the World Wide Web.

In Bound Links – the number of links and their page rank importance. You do not want to have a huge number of these

links, and when you participate in a Link Exchange, try to do it with a a site that has a high Google… Continue

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Baseball AnyOne?

I love Baseball! Without the proper Baseball gloves,bats, and other equipment, you will be benched!

Akadema baseball gloves are as good or better quality than Rawlings baseball gloves or Mizuno baseball gloves without the higher prices associated with these baseball glove brands. Care to prove me wrong? Come to Web Market Industries and find out for yourself!…


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Please Feel Free To Share Your Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter ID's on These Groups

If like me, you're on the three major social media sites and want to grow your network(s), please feel free to share your Facebook, Linkedin, and/or Twitter ID's on either of the *respective* groups:

  1. http://Brandergy.com/group/Facebook
  2. http://Brandergy.com/group/MyLinkedinPowerForum…

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Business Lessons from Church: "The 4 Characteristics of Radical Generosity"

Every once in a while I hear a message at church that that totally relates to life and business. This last week was one of those times.

The talk was entitled Radical Generosity; and while I soon figured out WHY the pastor named this week's talk with this title (the church was down donations and they needed to ramp up the funds!), it was interesting to watch.

He tied it all in to the bible of course and how Radical Generosity is not an offering, it's a… Continue

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Where chaos begins, classical science stops. There has always been ignorance about disorder in the atmosphere, in the turbulent sea, in the fluctuations of wildlife populations, the oscillations of the heart and brain...

Classical (western) science is the science of logic, of linearity, of definitions... We believe that where 'classical science stops', the real fun begins. We want to explore the chaos of ideas that try to depict this adventurous… Continue

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Could this be your home?

I came across this article in my local paper and thought I'd share it with you in reference to products that my web site offers.

“A burglary nearby is being investigated by police. A man approximately six feet tall broke a window to gain entry into a home around 11:00 AM on Monday.

He took electronics and other items. Police are asking people to call with information that might help with the apprehension of this criminal.”

This article isn’t very different from… Continue

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Social Media, Money Spender or Money Maker?

Is your investment (money and time) thought of as an expense or as an investment? Are you making money or losing money? Despite of some honest efforts most marketing departments are totally in the dark as to how to make money through SM. It’s like turning off the light in a room with no windows and then trying to find something.

In this new marketing world that has appeared in the last year, we need to connect on a day-to-day way in Web marketing. From customer acquisition to driving… Continue

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SICU is like a living organism. In the end of every nerve fiber, there are individuals, who are connected with the nerve center, the processor.

Both individuals and organizations have inspiration, ideas, knowledge, experiences, resources and passion. Thousands of people who are independent, but interconnect, can collaborate as a “living organism”, and with short bursts of energy produce potentially higher outputs of value as they… Continue

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Got Social Sense-Ability?

The word sense-ability implies an acute perception of or responsiveness toward something of vital importance. In business the most vitally important issue is people: buyers, employees and suppliers. Without them there is no business.

People have a voice used to express… Continue

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The Iris 3000 Digital Videophone!

G'Day Guys!

Introducing the next must-have gadget. The Iris 3000 Digital Videophone as seen on The Celebrity Apprentice Show! Simple. Real-time. A true-to-life face to face video experience that's changing the face of communications as we know it & it's available now. Leave video mail messages, record video greetings, and enjoy other enhanced features you simply can't get with traditional phone service. And with every call, you'll… Continue

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The Week Ahead January 19-23, 2010



Wednesday: December producer price index, December housing starts

Thursday: December leading indicators, Weekly initial jobless claims


Larson Notes & Satire: So another week of, ok kind of results behind us. Employment till in the dumps. Retail sales while up against last year was down against the November sales figures and they are blaming it on the weather, go figure. This week will producer pricing steady,… Continue

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The 6 Signs You May Be Playing Too Small in Your Business

This information has been gathered through the many entrepreneurs I talk to on a monthly basis. There are hundreds and hundreds of small business owners out there thinking and playing way too small when they could literally be taking bigger leaps and jumps on their way to success.

We aren't conditioned to think this big when we're growing up. Our parents might encourage us to be doctors, lawyers or some other worthy profession but rarely do they ever even think about… Continue

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The lambs are all being looked after in different pastures, open the gates so they can all come together so the good shepherd can count is flock.

You got churches for gay people, churches for Christians, Jews and Gentiles, seeks, Catholics, Baptist, born again Christians, Spiritualist and many more. I go to any church I am drawn to or even a new church any friend would invite me to, but most of the time I go to… Continue

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I know you're stretched but...HAITI...

Ladies and gentlemen,

I know, I know, I KNOW you're already stretched with the pressures of life, searching for a job, searching for clients, and all the myriad other things that we're challenged with every day but, as a group, may I ask you to consider donating at least $1.00 to the relief efforts in Haiti?

I'm not looking for us to send money out as a group. Rather, choose the organization of your personal choice. (To be safe and go with vetted organizations like (… Continue

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Get Your "Head" Out of Social Media

Everyone is trying to figure out how to drive revenue, brand equity, market awareness and all related goals using social. Individuals and entire organization are constantly "thinking" about how to apply social to these goals.

Think tanks are being formed by the "BIG" to see how using social can… Continue

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How Good is Encouragement?

A while ago I read a story about an elderly man who approached the famous nineteenth-century poet and artist, Dante Gabriel Rossetti. The old fellow had some sketches and drawings that he wanted Rossetti to look at and tell him if they were any good, or if they at least showed potential talent.

After looking over the… Continue

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Wirehead Technology join forces with Netfunction to Offer IT Management and Mobile Computing Solutions

Press Release: For Immediate Release

Wirehead Technology joins forces with Netfunction to Offer IT Management and Mobile Computing Solutions.

Chicago, IL January, 09, 2010 -- The Chicago area has a very active IT management market but now local companies are adding mobility to their IT departments. With mobility becoming more and more a part of IT, companies must now look at how mobility will change how IT will manage and get the most out of mobility. Two local… Continue

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Social "Intent" Is Transparent

2009 brought a surge in the number of brands using social media. In 2010 we're likely to see more frequency in use of social media and experimentation with different approaches and methods. However the overriding issue brands should ask themselves is "what is our… Continue

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