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Local Author Selected to Contribute to Inspirational Book

Stacey Huish, of Brisbane, widely recognized as a leader in the Communication Skills industry has been selected to contribute to an Inspired Spirit publication, Inspired to Success. She is a co-author with other renowned visionaries, authors and world class leaders sharing messages of business and personal success such as, Sandy Forster, Jack Canfield, and Jerry and Esther Hicks to name just a few.

Inspired to Success provides over 20 inspiring stories from highly successful people… Continue

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Networking etiquette

The beginning of this post is from one I did last year:

Whether it’s human or computer based, networking is synergistic. The whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts. When either systems are interconnected with other systems, there is greater power than when they are not.

In computer networks, the power of “the network” lies in the applications reachable through the network. In human networks, the power is in the reach of the network. In both cases, that power is… Continue

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Gross sales were up 11.53%

Just finished books for 2008 and gross income up 11.53% last year. Now I need to talk to my CPA to legally lessen tax exposure.

The plan for this year, 2009, is to double, yes double the company size. I want fast hard growth so I only need to go through the growing pains once. I did this twice before with companies I was involved in. It’s a fun and exciting, but a hard ride. We will then we will be at the company size that was put into the (revised) company business plan created 6… Continue

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Grasping The Power of Web2.0 and Social Network Marketing

The marketing revolution we have come to know as Social Network Marketing is one of vast potential and opportunity to market your business exponentially.

To take advantage of what you have in your hands don’t be making the mistake of thinking online social networking as a toy or a hit-and-run marketing tool or effort.

It is real and it is here to stay even as it develops right before our eyes.

SM is about building relationships just like if you were there f2f.… Continue

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Visitation & Funeral Arrangements for Jose Magallanes

My Brother-In-Law died in an auto accident late Monday night.

Visitation is on Thursday from 3:00 to 8:00 PM at:

Hickory Chapel

5852 Nolensville Road

Nashville, TN 37211

(615) 331-1952 or… Continue

Added by Marilyn Magallanes, TeachThemToCare.org on January 29, 2009 at 12:20am — 1 Comment

Lessons Learned...

Lessons I've Learned...

I've learned .. that the best classroom in the world is at the feet of people whom are older than me.

I've learned .. that what we have done for our own selves alone dies with us. While, what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.

I've learned .. that just one person saying to me, "You've made my day!" really makes my day!!

I've learned .. that I feel better about myself when… Continue

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Trade Magazine Inserts, should you?

If you are a company who is or could be targeted towards one industry or market segment, you might want to consider a trade magazine insert.

In any direct marketing program, be it email, traditional mail, etc, the object is to get your message looked at and read. If you can narrow notch yourself or your message a trade magazine insert might be a good channel for you to be using.

A trade magazine is delivered to a person in that industry with a vested interested interest in… Continue

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Do you know a great videographer?

Currently, I am looking for a talented videographer to update and create some new material for my business. I will surely appreciate any suggestions that you may have.

Thanks a Billion!

Have an amazing day!

~LaShawn Brown
One in a Billion Consulting

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I have been a full time online marketer for over 17 years and have earned as much as 10k to 30k in one week online, and will be glad to show you how, and help you market successfully online.

Get to know me! Please read…



Call me today. I have FREE online marketing training classes available nightly that everyone in my group uses to help them succeed… Continue

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Using Social Marketing with a Tradition Marketing Campaign

Blogs and interaction, a key element in social media marketing can be integrated into your traditional marketing attacks.

If you or your company has integrated a blog to your site or set up a blog site, by adding bookmarking capabilities to your blog you can increase the number of return visitors to your blog. This will in turn add links pointing to your blog, increasing its popularity and its page rank. Including applicable articles or blogs mentioning your company and its offerings… Continue

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Looking for a Job? Obama and Harper (Canada) can help!

Yesterday, I finally found the time to watch the Obama inauguration on YouTube (I missed it live). As I sat there listening to that finely written and awe inspiring speech, I realized that there is a hidden job market about to reveal itself over the next several weeks, in Canada and the US.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, or can no longer afford any access to the news (the Metro newspapers count too!) you’ll have learned that the federal government plans to spend Canada out of a… Continue

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Making Social Networking Work

How does social network marketing work? This is a low tech video explaining in a clear manner how to use sites like FaceBook, MySpace. Linkedin and more to benefit you. I had nothing to do with the video, don't even know this guy, but I think this makes a good companion to my previous post "Social Networking the New Year, and why not?" See it on TraceTV blog.

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E-Mail for Acquisition

You should not think of email as an acquisition tool but rather as a tool to complements other acquisition elements of your marketing.

Using things like search ads, banner ads, promotions, in store list creation.

While most people are looking for a quick payoff such as information, they may also be interesting in hearing more form and about you. You can then use an email campaign in this process and drive home your message, up to and including a purchase request. Yes you… Continue

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The Week Ahead for January 26-30

Monday: December existing home sales, December leading economic indicators

Tuesday: January consumer confidence, November Case/Shiller home price index

Wednesday:Federal Reserve Meeting

Thursday: Weekly initial jobless claims, December durable goods orders,

Friday: December: Fourth Quarter GDP

Larson note: Too early for any positive changes. Everyone is sitting around waiting for the other guy to make a move or get… Continue

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I hum the tune to this song a lot lately because for the past year my life has been one change after the other. I suppose I've not been a good group member but when the alligators are at your heels, it's hard to contribute.

My husband closed his 25-year old property management business in Hot Springs last August. With the price of gas and the economy tanking, Arkansas tourism for this quaint town dried up. Staying open just meant a drain on our own funds. Then of course you have to… Continue

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Members looking to Help Share & Learn from a business perspective

In trying to mix and match my customers and where they would like to go, Many are hopeful to succeed where ever they are going. The work and volunteer time of families can be very exausting. We have a different way of how families are today compared to back then. Most of my journeys always dealt with how can we get children and youth to look and take what is important to them and their families. I found a much easier way to work with them. LISTEN ....... by listening we are learning. By… Continue

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Measuring Your E-Mail Campaign

What is the best way to measure the success (or not) of your email marketing campaign?

Some companies measure the success by opens and clicks. Others (like me) measure the success solely based on sales volume, revenue and new clients or 1st time customers.

But, is there a grey area in between? The marketing department could measure the success of “prequalified or interested leads from an e-mail campaign. If marketing uses behavior tracking and lead scoring… Continue

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Green Ally in Obama

Barack Obama's inauguration this week gives rise to the thought if he can turn the economy around have marketers shouting out environmental messages wonder and what the new presidency will really mean for green marketing.

While the green movement does seem to have an ally in Obama, who is pushing for funding of alternative energies and sustainable industries, green marketing is showing signs of waning interest from consumers after reaching a high point last year.

“The… Continue

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Encouraging Dialogue With Your Core Customer Base

It is a fact that customers that have contact with a company in more than one channel have higher company interaction and engagement. They have a deeper understanding, tend to spend more with that company and have a longer higher customer “lifetime” value.

Some examples might involve, direct mail with its high redemption rate, but then in adding telemarketing you get some instant feedback. Kick in some email marketing and some mobile and you have them on 4 important, “in their face”… Continue

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Top Sales Coach Now Accepting New Clients

Every company, manager and salesperson wants the same thing…more sales! But with the current economy, or in ANY economy, how do you get more sales?

• More products? Maybe, but the R&D costs and time to market is extremely costly.

• More customers? Perhaps, but it’s been documented that the ROI in acquiring new customers is significant higher than compared to marketing to existing customers.

• More sales skills training? After the first year, most salespeople have the… Continue

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