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TLS Continuum Part 87: Processes Gone Awry

First of all, let me extend my regrets for not keeping better in touch but I and my family have been fighting this bug that is flying around. Not the flu but close to it. It sucks to be under the weather.

This past week has been filled with more irony then I would want to have to experience but I did. It began with attending my local SHRM chapter meeting where the topic of the day was what to do in the case of an active shooter. During the presentation, my phone beeped with the…


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Free Offerings From Brandergy And Its Members

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Customer Service Is More Than Having Bodies In Seats

Customer Service should be about more than merely having bodies in seats. Customer Service should be about having

Customer Service *Professionals* in those seats.

If your company doesn't have professionals in your Customer Service seats, you're losing customer goodwill... And that'll cost you more branding dollars.

To say "We have a HUGE Customer Service Department!" is meaningless unless all these seats in your Customer Service Department are filled…


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Tracking what's trending...

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My Dearest Chobani: We have a problem.

My Dearest @Chobani:

In that I ate ~365 containers of #Chobani during 2017, I can't imagine many #ChobaniLovers loving Chobani more than I do.

But, we have a problem...

My sense of smell is not getting along with your new packaging.

My once endlessly-beloved Chobani now smells too stale to enjoy...…


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TLS Continuum Part 86: 5 ways to bring business skills to the classroom?

We constantly read in the media and hear our elected officials espousing that our schools are in turmoil. However, if we bring the TLS Continuum and its associated business skills to the school environment we can counter these messages of gloom and doom. So how do we make that happen?

Map your processes

Both from a macro view and a micro view, take your school processes including lesson plans and map out the flow of learning through the school. Begin…


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Communities Of People Can Help Address The Bots Problem

Albeit a very large community, why not *treat* @Twitter as a community and *ask* the community to help you contend with your bots problem, .@Policy|@jack?…

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Creating A Multi-Channel Marketing Attack

In a time where content and information is expected to be available 24/7, prospects and customers want to interact with businesses in ways that works for them and their lifestyle, not yours. The fact is: using one, single channel is not enough.


Why is multi-channel marketing an effective strategy?

There are 5 reasons why I see companies using this approach:

  • Build a brand experience…

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Longtime Brandergy Member, Dr. William B. Lawson MD, Ph.D., DLFAPA, Accepted Into ACNP!

I'm truly happy to hear that longtime Brandergy member, Dr. William B. Lawson MD, Ph.D., DLFAPA, has been accepted into The American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP)!

ACNP "is the nation's premier professional society in brain, behavior, and psychopharmacology research."



Dear Dr.…


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A Winning Formula for Trade Show Success

For most companies that sell a product or service, Trade Show participation is a necessary part of the marketing mix. Big and small, there is a lot of work and preparation for success at and with a Trade Show and all the expense that goes along with these events can be rather significant regardless of the size. The big association shows you are looking at upwards of $10,000 and the small Chamber shows are “only” around $500.00 if you can use last year’s banners. Data indicates that 73% of…


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Today's Marketer -­‐ Getting to Sales Ready

Marketers are always looking for new, innovative approaches to deliver improved results 

to their organization. What if there was a program that could fundamentally shift your sales results and significantly improve your marketing ROI?

Well believe it or not, there is a program that will significantly improve your results and lead to a higher return on marketing…


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TLS Continuum Part 85: Are you in real time or in a bubble?

In Part 84, I posed the question as to whether your organization viewed the global workplace from looking in the mirror or looking out the window.  I suggested that the view from the mirror is what you think you do and the view from the window is what your clients tell you what you do or they need.

The difference between the two views creates what we call a gap analysis.…


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The Wine Tasting of The American Wine Soldier Charlie Arturaola was crowded in SF!

After the success in the MOST international Wine Festival in Vilafranca Del Penedès (Cataluña)  the sponsors of the Italian National Tourist Board, Arnaldo Caprai winery, Uruguay Viñedo de los Vientos  wines, Rioja Alavesa wines are actively supporting the three hour seated tasting  conference with…


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New book released by CRC Press November 8, 2017

As a professional educator, can you bring the language of business to the school system? The Excellent Education System: Using Six Sigma to Transform Schools presents the results of an investigation of how both public educational and college institutions have implemented the methodology of six sigma to change and innovate how we deliver education to the future leaders of the



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TLS Continuum Part 84:The organizational view of the world via a mirror or a window?

The other day I was listening to an installment of the Voice of Experience from the National Speakers Association in which the presenter talked about the different view one gets from the mirror versus the window. There is a direct applicability to the TLS Continuum.

In order to achieve sustainable…


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The American Wine Soldier Charlie Arturaola go to MOST Festival in Vilafranca Del Penedes

Esta séptima edición tendrá lugar del 2 al 12 de Noviembre en diferentes espacios del Penedés y el Priorato, y contará con 38 filmes compitiendo en la sección "Collita  2017" y 22 cortometrajes en la sección Brot con un total de 65 proyecciones. El…


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Charlie Arturaola et son film The Duel Of Wine au Festival MOST

Le Festival International Most, de Cinéma et vin ;  au cœur du pays du vin et de la Cava revient ce mois-de novembre 2017. La dixième édition offrira une…


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4 Key Steps of an Effective Marketing Campaign

1. Create a personalized experience across multiple channels (Lead Generation)

The way people consume information has dramatically changed and therefore we are working for you, our client – and are to adapting these changes.  Successful marketing campaigns more than ever are utilize multiple channels to reach their target audience. No single medium is strong enough any longer to cut through the clutter. It just does not work any more.

Orchestrating so many…


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TLS Continuum Part 83: The HR Missing Link- Have You Found it Yet?

In Part 82 of this series, I posed the question whether or not human capital management was dead or not. In this part I want to suggest that there is a vital path to your survival both as an HR professional and as part of your organization.

The C-Suite office holders of the 21st century are in a quandary. They are confronted with a wide-ranging audience they must answer to. This audience includes the stakeholders of the organization as well as the human capital assets. The…


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Charlie Arturaola The Duel Of Wine & will conlude SLFF on 14 October 2017

The Seattle Latino Film Festival is honored to announce its 9th. annual Latino film festival to be held from 6 to 14 October with the Dominican Republic as a guest country. The festival will serve as a platform to show films from more than 12 countries during the 9 days…


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