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  • Simplicity

    9 members Latest Activity: Jun 25

    Complexity is for Engineers. Simplicity is for Users.  (Engineers who want more Users express complexity more simply.)

  • Peoplese

    6 members Latest Activity: Jun 24

    Peoplese, the language of people and people development, is a discussion and networking group for those seeing to develop the most valuable asset…

  • Techese

    143 members Latest Activity: May 25

    Techese, the language of technology, on…

  • Linking Los Angeles

    9 members Latest Activity: May 25

    Linking everything L.A.

    Your host,


    George Vreeland Hill

  • Conduits

    36 members Latest Activity: Jun 14

    We all get contacted by many people who need help. But, if we try to individually help all the people who need our help we, OURSELVES, will end up…

  • Affiliatese

    36 members Latest Activity: Jun 21, 2014

    Suppose you had an affiliate program which no one knew existed?  Affiliatese,…

  • Animalese

    18 members Latest Activity: Aug 23, 2014

    Member Value Proposition:


    1. Do…

  • Locationese

    4 members Latest Activity: May 29

    After being introduced to Göd, Hungary, via Twitter, I thought it might be good to find other…

  • Socialese

    10 members Latest Activity: Jun 24

    Socialese, the language of being social, is a private, premium networking group for Brandergy members.…

  • InsuranceResources

    4 members Latest Activity: Jun 1, 2008 For P & C insurance professionals seeking networking opportunities and job opportunities in the Hartford, CT area.

  • Journalists

    10 members Latest Activity: May 14, 2014

    Journalists is a networking and discussion group for Journalists who may need…

  • Christianese

    71 members Latest Activity: on Monday

    Christianese, the language of Christians and Christianity, is a networking…

  • CRM

    10 members Latest Activity: Jun 16

    CRM (Customer…

  • You

    3 members Latest Activity: May 28

    "You" is a group to help all of us with customer-facing responsibilities STRONGLY…

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