Here's a new one - so pretty for the season to come.

The Folk Art Necklace – I’ve always loved folk art because of its delightful  eccentricities. There is just something real and endearing about it. It seems made for its own sake, by every day people who also just happen to be whimsically creative artists. My latest necklace looks like a cozy sit-down before a merrily roaring fire to me. It has a sort of a weathered, antiqued quality because of the Picasso effect used on the faceted 12mm red Czech beads. Then when placed next to the wonderful little 6mm green turquoise picasso rosettes the effect is very rustic and somehow countrified. Also we have my fabulous A++ 10mm golden Citrines to just rev the whole piece up and make it sparkle. I’ve used pretty embellished findings in a warm golden color here and 2 funky little brass hearts to remind you these are Lovebeads you’re wearing.  17” long.  110.

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