My New "Manifesting Abundance" Necklace From Lovebeads By Janet Planet

The Manifesting Abundance Necklace – The idea for this necklace is a powerful one. Consider that it is possible to learn to bring abundance into your life; it is first a state of mind, corroborating thoughts and practicing the feeling of having enough. Then it is a discipline of thinking, and perhaps changing old and limiting assumptions we have about ourselves, many of which have murky origins but when we really track them down we see that the person who first planted these self-limiting notions in our minds did not have our best interests in mind at all. The Manifesting Abundance Necklace is composed mainly of the color green, which represents new growth and prosperity and aqua blue, which invites us to explore those unconscious beliefs that have taken root long ago which we will now be best served by exchanging with more life-enhancing beliefs. The silver beads provide excellent enhancement – silver is a great conductor of the gems’ properties that surround it. In this case, we have my beautiful new find in faceted Chrysoprase, a kind of quartz and Jade gemstones in green and aqua. Also find some deep purple faceted Quartz and black Onyx for contrast and my gorgeous new gunmetal crystal rondelles. Use this necklace as a meditation piece to remind you to invite Prosperity and Abundance into your life every day. 78” long. 140. contact/buying info at

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First off, this necklace is gorgeous!  The aqua and green are my favorite colors!

Did you know that many of the best emeralds in the world come from Colombia?  I have software developers that work for me in Colombia and make a few trips a year to visit.  I have recently decided to start selling Emerald Jewelry here in Austin and have just started creating a website to sell them.  If you would like some great emerald jewelry at extremely good pricing, please let me know.  Also, if you ever need help with a website or a mobile app for your company, I'd be happy to help out!

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