You don't get a leader to maintain the status quo. You get a leader to make an organization "better". But here's the catch. The hiring manager is usually a person that maintains the status quo.

With leaders in short supply leaders are often not engaged in the process of bringing in the right leaders / right consultants into the organization. Instead leaders delegate that activity to a person that has limited competency in being a leader and has little understanding of what it takes to hire that right leader. Things are improving though.

Leaders just like objectives and monetary outcomes are being measured. Data is being captured on leaders. Data is being captured on a leader's behaviors, skills, and performance. These data points are now guiding what hiring managers need to look for in a candidate leader. Things are improving, but not enough. Because of politics and egos data collection on the top leaders... the executive leaders is highly limited and inaccurate. 

Data can go so far against these political powers that be. To avoid this political resistance we need to have a safe haven of collecting data for the political players. When data is collected it must help elevate all leaders to be better leaders. Easier said than done. Because of political tradition there is a tendency of "ranking" people's performance - comparing people's performance to eachother. This does not elevate leaders, this creates competition and this competition motivates leaders to do less leading and more politics.

I'm a practice leader for SRG ( Data driven leadership is a corner stone to my Big Data practice. If you like to learn more about data driven leadership and what I do you can reach me at 630-696-8101.

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