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Using Empire Avenue to generate leads

Started by Alan Gray. Last reply by Vincent Wright Jun 3, 2014. 1 Reply

Today, rather than write a story, I want to show you a short video of my friend, Michael Q Todd, talking about using Empire Avenue to generate leads. This is about a year old, so there are changes in…Continue

Vincent Wright on Empire Avenue

Started by Vincent Wright May 16, 2014. 0 Replies

Alan:BIG THANKS for creating Empire Avenue here on!I'm on Empire Avenue at: …Continue

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Comment by Alan Gray on August 23, 2014 at 9:30am

Here is a really good blog post about Empire Avenue. This post won a recent competition.

The Ultimate Social Tool – An Empire Avenue Guide for Beginners

Comment by Alan Gray on May 29, 2014 at 10:26pm

This is a follow-on post to the one below, that starts "Before you read this"

Yesterday, I ran a, Empire Avenue mission that gave away up to 2,500 eaves per person who accepted the mission. I didn't ask for anything in return - it was a gift. I have run this same mission for 4 weeks straight, in addition to other missions that sent dozens of people to check out a webpage or tweet.

In previous gift missions, I offered up to 5,000 eaves per person. What did I get out of it? more than 100 new friends who interacted with me, liked my profile, followed me, connected on twitter, on linkedin, on G+, on flickr and most of them also gave me votes, a positive rating and comments on the mission.

Did I pay them 2,500 -5,000 Eaves for that? NO. I paid them those Eaves to check out my profile, to see if I was a person worth connecting to. Connecting to me was not mandatory - all I wanted them to do was to see if I was worth connecting to.

THAT is the reason you need to write a great profile description.

Most of them did connect with me, a small number did not. That is OK, because I may not have been of any value to them, or they may have been to busy today. Maybe another day they will connect. You can't connect with everyone.

Want to get an 80% response to your marketing? You may not be able to do it in the real world, but at Empire Avenue, you can, and maybe you can learn how to get more response from your business campaigns. That is why I am there.

I can also point you to other great people to connect to. Need to improve your twitter usage - I know several people who can help you do that. Need to know how to get your Pinterest pins seen? I know someone for that. It is a great training ground, and if you have cash to spare, I can point you to someone who can run your account for you, that will leverage what you do, to get all of this for almost no effort on your part.

Join me and we'll get there together - but remember - you don't have to stick with me, there is no obligation, you can do your own thing, but if you ask for help, I will be there.

Thank you Vincent for making this possible.

- And if you think I would be a good connection for you, please connect - here, on linkedin or over on my newspaper, - which will soon get a facelift, after almost 10 years.

Comment by Brandergy on May 29, 2014 at 10:19pm



So that it does not get pushed down over time, please consider posting it asa new Empire Avenue discussion via this link:

Comment by Alan Gray on May 29, 2014 at 10:13pm

Before you read this, I want to point out that there is a serious part to this and a fun part. Don't let the fact that it has a fun part dissuade you from reading about it, because it is the fun part that keeps influential people interested in taking part. Unless you have all the visitors and customers you need, this is a good idea for you.

Empire Avenue is an interesting concept that combines a game with something that can be more serious - encouraging social influencers to visit your website, twitter, facebook or any other page you care about.

This idea was in my mind years before Empire Avenue was born, but I never thought about making it into a game, and at the time, I couldn't figure out a way to keep people interested enough to stay for the long term. The creators of Empire Avenue did work that out.

Hopefully, this talk about a game has not put you off, because the serious part comes next.

After you join - hopefully using my link above, if you are not already there, you should set up your profile. Add a photo because nobody wants to interact with anyone who doesn't add a picture - you can use a caricature or cartoonify yourself if you really don't like your face.

.lly don't want people to see your smiling face, but a real photo works better.

Next, add all your social media/sharing links - twitter, facebook, flickr, g+ etc - as many as you have, that it allows. Your actions in your own social accounts help generate points in your Empire Avenue account. The system is an app that you give permission to read your account, just as a human can read your account. It knows when you post and it knows when new people follow you. when you reach certain milestones, you get points.

The points are called Eaves. They get their name from Empire Avenue. Think of them almost as Dollars. When you join, you get some eaves, as a joining reward. You can earn Eaves by buying shares in other people. Some of those people pay dividends on your shares every day. You can also earn Eaves by accepting missions that other members create - small jobs that take a few minutes.

There are some rules in the system, that I will talk about another time, but the rules are meant to keep everyone happy and to keep the game going. People get pinged if they constantly spam other members by posting offers in their profiles. I don't expect this will knowingly happen with anyone from Brandergy, because it doesn't happen here.

To close this post, I just want to cover why you would want to get involved with Empire Avenue. Do you have a website or a page you want others to see? Do you tweet about your page or site? Do many people RT your tweets? Do many people comment on your facebook or G+ posts? Do many people vote on your photos? Does anyone at all? Sometimes social media is a wasteland, especially Google Plus. I've always been able to get a few votes on mine, but what you really need is for someone, who has more influence over others, to share your posts. Having trouble getting 1 or more votes on your G+? Has anyone ever shared one of your posts? My Friend Michael who is over there regularly gets 1000 votes on his posts now, and up to a few hundred shares.

That doesn't happen overnight, and it doesn't happen to every post, but Empire Avenue is the place to be to:

  1. Learn how this works
  2. Try it out for zero or very little cost

Just one sentence on cost. There is no cost, unless you decide to pay for something - and later I will tell you why I made a very small investment that has reaped big dividends.

Well, I think that is enough for now. I will add more info in the next post, and then again over the weekend.

Comment by Vincent Wright on May 16, 2014 at 12:07am


BIG THANKS for creating Empire Avenue here on!

I'm on Empire Avenue at:

I look forward building a better "empire", soon! :-)

#KeepSTRONG, Alan!

+Vincent Wright

Comment by Alan Gray on May 15, 2014 at 11:20pm

Thank you for coming here to review this group. I will post information about how this group - and Empire Avenue can help you share your information widely.

Empire Avenue has multiple faces. You don't need to use them all to succeed with it, and you can spend a little bit of time on it, or a lot. My guess is that you'd like to get the most traction you can for as little effort as possible. There are ways to do that, and I can help you to do it.

The fist thing to do is to join, using the link above. It is free to join, and I will get credit for referring you. That is good for both of us, and I will use the (non monetary) bonus I get from that, to help you.

Please leave me a message if you join, because currently, Empire Avenue doesn't tell me that you joined.


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Vincent Wright on Empire Avenue

Started by Vincent Wright May 16, 2014. 0 Replies


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