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Comment by Loretta Faheem on June 30, 2011 at 8:36pm

No, I'm not familiar with this group, but I'll have a look before too long.


I thank you,

All the best,


Comment by Vincent Wright on June 30, 2011 at 7:46pm


Have you seen my Linkedin Group "Federal Government Contracting" at: 

Comment by Loretta Faheem on June 30, 2011 at 7:36pm

Good Evening,

Late last December, I received a call from a Recruiter who'd found my Resume on Monster. She asked if I'd be interested in learning about a 3-month assignment reading contracts for a corporation in Cary. She scheduled the appointment with the Corporate Counsel and I was hired that day. 

January 10th was my 1st day wherein I was told I was to read files that were contained in 4 file cabinets. As I began reading the files in the first drawer, I conveyed my findings to the Corporate Counsel and her associate Attorney. (Corporate Counsel had been employed at this company 4 years and associate Attorney had been there 2 years.) According to Corporate Counsel, I'd "identified some of the glitches" in their system.  Specifically, contracts were either non-existent or were not fully-executed. There was correspondence in the files which approved the delivery of the products in many cases, sans a contract. In total, I read more than 850 contracts and put specific information from each into an Excel spreadsheet. The ultimate goal was to have a database created by their IT department wherein I would put specific information about each contract. This would allow for information about the contracts to be accessible throughout the enterprise.

Impressed with my work, Corporate Counsel contacted the Recruiter and said she needed me until at least the end of June,  possible longer. Towards the end of the day, I thank her and she said, "no problem, I need your help".

On Wednesday, May 11th, Corporate Counsel called me into her office. According to her, the Finance Dept. said the funds for the project had been depleted and that my last day of employment would be Wednesday, May 18th. 

For reasons unknown to us in the contracts department, the database was never created, although communication remained open between the IT department director and Corporate Counsel. It should be known that those of us in the legal arena are concerned about liability relative to contracts. Relative to the "glitches" I identified, they were inherited by Corporate Counsel and her Associate - who saw the potential of liability to the corporation should there be an incident associated with a product.


Thus, I am available as a Contract Administrator in or near Cary, NC.


Kind regards,

Loretta Faheem, MS

Comment by Upendra Topiwala, PhD on March 31, 2010 at 2:05pm
Hello All, My name is Upendra Topiwala and I am seeking for new opportunities in the field of Competitive Intelligence / Market analysis in the Pharmaceutical industry.

I have over 5 years of research experience in the drug discovery, carrying out drug design and synthesis. I wish to transition away from the lab and redirect my career.

I would like to network with professionals in the CI profession.

My profile can be found on Linked:

Thank You,

Upendra Topiwala, PhD
Comment by Linda Tygenhof on February 27, 2010 at 5:16pm
I've been laid off since 2003 when Intel Corporation decided to start sending jobs overseas. I knew back then that tough times were coming. And, unfortunately I have seen my friends lose jobs at Intel due to more jobs going to China, Vietnam, Costa Rica, and other faraway lands. Sending jobs out of America is not good for Americans. It may be good for other nations, but the downside is what we are seeing now. Low employment, high unemployment.

I have tried many many online marketing businesses. So many that I lost thousands of dollars and made other people rich. Does that sound like you?

I'm very happy now with my businesses. I LOVE doing what I do. If you are interested in joining me, take a look at my sites. Let me know how you will handle your being laid off!
Comment by Kathy Hamilton on October 10, 2009 at 3:16pm
I am going to offer a suggestion for those who are desperately in need of cash today.
This might seem silly to most but I have had hundreds of people take my ideas and it has furnished alot of money daily for you.Cash in your hand today.

It is legal, you do not need any special permits or licences. You do not need to have permission.
here goes:
every charity needs help raising money, you can decide what kind of charity you want to help. then just decide where you want it, you can use any public setting where theres people, set up a table and a sign featuring your charity. you can ask stores to donate products such as Drinks or candy or donuts, most vendors never refuse to donate things for the cause. Let me use example- 2 men I know sold lemonaide to soccer games, cheerleading events, any where there were people. even outside court houses, there lemonaide was donated from costco and sams club. they were donated the cups as well. Never did they spend money to do any of this.
The 2 men were so successful by doing this not only in there town but they went into other nearby cities. Now they attend huge functions only selling lemonaide every where, they expanded and created a huge income for themselves. They thank me always for the idea I planted into them. you see if you think out side the box, fundraising is huge. you can get things donated even from malls, gift shops all sorts of places. car washes are huge. you can make money, alot of money now cash in your hand, its all about how much time you want to give to get what you need. You must give 10% of what you earn to the charity you pick by law but its your decision to give more. you can even just be a angel donor when giving it, charitys do not care who gives money as long as they get it, You could actually make more money by doing my idea then working a real job. its money in your hand today. its all about your time but if your not working anyways theres no reason time is a problem. to many people are whining about they have no money or money to help pay their bills well if you are not willing to do what ever it takes to provide for your family till something else comes up, its all on you. Use your imagination on what you want to create as a fund raiser. Charities need your help desperatly so kill 2 birds with one stone. stop complaining and learn how to help yourself. I can say all this because it does work I have had countless people thank me for this idea. I have even done this at one time. It saves your life and it is all legal and very honest.
If any one wants to call me and chat feel free- 425 207 8708
Kathy Hamilton/simikathy

Here is the ideas: It is called
Comment by Robert Wheeler on January 27, 2009 at 1:18pm
I am a senior level hands on Information Systems manager with proven ability to combine broad-based technology,
business and team management expertise and to implement corporate-wide technology solutions that meet the evolving Information Technology and office automation needs of an expanding organization. Very strong technical background with ablility to move into new areas rapidly. Ability to bridge technical and business areas. I have approximately 20 years of I.T. experience ranging from full time db developer for back office applications to heavily involved with some of the largest transactional web sites on the internet. I consider myself a very hands on individual who works diligently to see project completion and process improvement. I accomplish this because i sat in the trenches building software and performing break fix operations at the server level and workstation level and continue both to this day.

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