In each social media environment, there are patterns of behavior.

There are good patterns of behavior.

There are bad patterns of behavior.

Social media owners, moderators, and group participants recognize both the good and bad patterns of behavior.

Those who seek to use social media platforms for their intended usage, enjoy witnessing those who use social media the right way.

Those who seek a more self-centered purpose - even to the detriment of the platforms they are on - use social media poorly, and jeopardize the platform for all users.

The first group could be called social media environmentalists.

The second group could be called a whole bunch of names - none worthy of sharing with a "PG 13" audience.

But, think about this: patterns of behavior don't just come into existence without a cause, without a stimulus.

Someone must conceive, create, and cause the propagation of both the good and the bad behaviors we see.

If we see what I call "profile stamping" on Ning, where a member will go to dozens upon dozens of profiles and stamp the same banal message with the same graphic over and over and over, some bad social media teacher taught them to do that.

If we see what I call ""hi" stamping" on Yahoo Groups, where hundreds of members attempt to sign up for private, moderated groups just by saying, "Hi", some bad social media teacher taught them to do that.

If we see what I call "toll boothing " on Linkedin, where some "enterprising" Linkedin member wants to charge you a fee for a service that is free, some bad social media teacher taught them to do that.

If we see what I call "invitationitis" rampant on any number of social media platforms, where people without any modicum of self-control seem to indiscriminately invite just for the heck of inviting, some bad social media teacher taught them to do that.

There is no shortage of other bad social media behavior we could add to the above list - feel free to add yours - but, I love that the word "teach" literally means "to show". So, if someone is showing you bad social media behavior then, they are bad social media teachers.

And this, too: since the word teach means to show, what are you teaching those who are watching what you're showing them on these social media platforms?

+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

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Strong good B2B Social Media Networking takes time and work, lots of work. to have a friends list all filled up with people or companies that mean noting to you or you to them does not make much sense. So to being in more Networking groups than you can be an active part of.

Very good question, Lindy! Hopefully, an answer is on its way - in-the-not-too-distant future! :-)
I'm in agreement with the drive by shootings that people enter on a page they visit. They don't mean it, they're not interested in getting to know the person either. It's a superficial way to "just say hello" when the reality is they're just getting the attention they want in that moment and then moving on to the next person.

I had a network where it specifically stated that there was no advertising and that if people wanted to stay and post and "share" their knowledge, please do. I didn't have many problems because there was only a two time warning (if that) ... 2nd time I just banned them.

If people are going to get to know one another then they should learn how to develop personal relationships as well. To me, people remember how you make them feel.

I am a bit bad though about remembering certain people. It's not intentional, probably because there's not enough exposure. I think too that people place too much on the term "friend" ... I think it should say acquaintance request. I can recall people would say that they wanted to network with me but at the same time ... that wasn't what they were interested in. It was "their stuff" ...

For myself, it's all about defining "friend" and what that means in this competative arena. Does more necessarily mean better quality? I don't know.
*Sigh* Yes, with every wonderful innovation arises a group of people intent on twisting it for self-gain. As we shape social media many have declared themselves "experts," and they have accumulated followers who show up and throw up. I have encountered the good, bad and ugly in social media which makes it very much like life. As in life, I only pay attention to the good. I hope that people will soon understand that there is one rule in social media - respect. For goodness sake, you don't need charm school (or perhaps you do) to exercise basic respect and manners.
Hi Karen, nice to meet you. Sure I agree with you. I have no issue with self gain and prosperity. I have a problem with the level of integrity in these matters. That bothers me.

I have had some who wanted to network etc., and I'd invite them to my network to get to know them and ... POOF... interest lost. Which to me is good because if I'm going to have someone in my group of friends I would like to know who, what, when and where about them.
Alisha, Yes, the group would be better served being called "10,000 pages to be exposed on" instead. I think they toss the term "friend" around very loosely in many networks.

Yet, people are enticed by the word "friend". People want to be liked, recognized, acknowledged and it's nice to think that we've made so many friends. At the same time, what is the quality of these relationships? That is an important factor for me.
My pleasure, Leah...and thanks again, for your post on Linking Women at
Thanks for the challenge. That's why we love you. I think I may have been guilty of a couple of these myself, but plan to be better now.
And we love YOU, too, Diane! :-)
Agree with you 100% Vincent but is there a bad social media teacher or just absence of a good one.


I'll take the optimistic road and assume that there is at least ONE good social media teacher! :-) 

There is at least ONE good one, he runs this show :-)

Seriously, there are many good teachers that show how to behave in a proper way, day in day out. Only the bad ones make more noise.

One example only - They tell how to get 1000 friends/connections/followers whatever the term, never discussing the reason for having more connections, never discussing how to build slowly, meticulously, never discussing how to give value back. 

So it is time to "fight" back, and for all of us to strive to be the good teachers.



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