An Experiential Reason As To Why I Don't Do Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

While I appreciate professionals who share their MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies with me - and while it may appear we have many things in common as a result of our penchant for prolific social media networking, unfortunately for those inviting me, I've chosen to not participate in MLM programs.

This is not against any individual person, nor against any individual MLM company. Rather, it's because though I've heard nothing but good things from individual spokespersons about MLM since being introduced to Amway and Shaklee more than 35 years ago, I've known of only TWO local friends who've ever been able to pay their mortgages with their earnings on a consistent basis.

Though I've always been impressed with the GREAT MLM presentations I've seen, being able to find ONLY TWO local friends who've been successful out of the tens of thousands of people I know, is not a very encouraging statistic.

The part of America where I've spent most of the past 35 years has been the Washington, DC to New England Corridor.

Some of the hardest working, smartest, most ethical people I know live in this part of America. Yet, very few of them seem to be able to get a handle on making MLM work for them. They've done the presentations, the studying, the purchasing, the marketing but, yet, can point to very little as a result of all the presentations they've attended, the product studying they've done, the purchases they've made, and the marketing hours they've invested.

Again, this is not about *YOU*, the MLM Professional personally. But, rather, reasoning about MLM based upon 35 years of experience in checking out MLM from various friends - many of whom I deeply trust and respect...

+Thanks, and Keep STRONG!!

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I tried Multi Level Marketing, too, Vincent and you are right. If you didn't have to depend on the consistent efforts of others replicating what you do effectively, it would surely work! I don't know anyone personally who has made it work. So, your stats are better than mine, albeit they aren't exactly encouraging! Have a Super Blessed Day!!!
I agree with your perspective!

Although I did have one successful MLM experience. In June 1978 just before graduating from college a student in our dorm invited me to a Tupperware party. I decided to sign up as a distributor because if two people signed up she'd get a gift she wanted. I went to one meeting for distributors locally and got a 'kit' of products. Then my mom gave Tupperware catalogs friends in her bridge club. Word got out that Kitty's daughter sold Tupperware. It was June and people wanted to buy lots of wedding presents. The person in the upline showed me how to write up the orders to look like I had lots of parties thus allowing me to get the 'hostess gift' at a great price.

I got a regular job but left all the Tupperware catalogs & products in our house. Amazingly people came while I was gone, picked up merchandise from what was in stock and left checks for the prices listed in the catalog. By Christmas I had a lot of inventory. I told my older ten sisters & brothers to choose what they wanted as Christmas presents which they acted like kids in a candy store because there was so much to choose from. Then I discontinued my operations after six months because I was moving out of the area for a new job. I can't remember exactly but I made about $3,000 with little effort in six months 30 years ago.

But I think that success was an exception to the general MLM experience.
Well composed:-) Presently I'm using a MLM product as a marketing, branding tool..Like buying Tupperware and storing items or food, not pursuing or recruiting.

Thanks for the compliment, Anders but, please help us understand what you mean by "not pursuing or recruiting."  (Does that mean you're not recruiting people to join your MLM?)

(By the way: WHERE is your profile PICTURE???)

This has the ring of truth to it - and has been my husband's experience, as well.

Jessica, my friend:

Thanks for adding yours and your husband's perspective, here, too...

Yes, it's an interesting and, in our experience, a frustrating paradigm to enter into because it depends on getting others to do what you're doing, rather than just doing it yourself with all your heart and soul. I think MLM can work for some people, but I'd rather just go for it myself and CREATE the paradigm/brand/meme in consciousness, you could say!

Agreed, Jessica ... There's something that "feels" right about how MLM is presented but, *experience* tells a different, less effective story ... a story that it's better to use a different marketing model... (By the way: Marketing alone is not the answer,, we have to create a logical hybrid ... combining power + the speed of independence (~interdependence)))

Wonderful, Vincent! I like the spirit of hybrid. Thank you for raising this whole issue - I'm sure it helps us all reflect on a model that's become quite common in the marketplace.

My pleasure, Jessica!  (And I can't wait to listen to your performances on "Haven"! :-))

Wonderful, Vincent. Great to share the music with you!


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